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Link: Julie Ebersole: The Great Yosemite Stamp Escape 2009.

Ever thought about attending a stamping retreat?  In a beautiful, serene, mountain setting?

Some very well known industry peeps will be teaching there, and I am super-jazzed to have an opportunity to teach alongside them at this retreat!  I’m so lucky to have met and know Karen Lockhart personally, and, I have greatly admired the work of Stephanie Sheetz, designer and instructor for Kodomo Inc., and Michael Strong (he’s been on the Carol Duvall show a number of times, of course). 



  1. I’ve been to this retreat twice and plan to go next year. Can’t wait to take your class. It’s wonderful and Sharon (Cat’s Meow) is the greatest.

  2. Julie, we can’t wait to have you come! I look forward to meeting you. We have a great mix of instructors this year. I guarantee you will have fun!

  3. wow julie!!! have an awesome time!!!

  4. Jules, you’re breaking my heart here! Three of my fave teachers, all in the mountains! Why not have it in beautiful Orlando? Then I might be able to come! Drat! I miss my mountains in the PNW! Maybe I’ll go rob a bank, she says semi-seriously. Insert an appropriate smiley dragging its little butt off the edge of the screen, crying all the way! Waaaaaaaaaah!

  5. That sounds like such a wonderful retreat! Congrats!

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