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Link: my little mochi: my little mushroom.

PIMP!  I am dying over the cuteness of this!!!

I have to make one of these!  I just have to!   WHY???  I DON’T KNOW, MARGOT!!!  But, they are too FLIPPIN’ CUTE!!!

Thanks to my buddy Lisa Spangler for sharing it on her blog or I never would have come across this in a gazillion years!

I have a thing for mushrooms.  No reason.  They just spark me sumpin’ fierce!


  1. OHGoodness! I love me some mushrooms and this one is too cute! I just “discovered” that our local Hobby Lobby carries real wool felt in the sewing section and I just “had” to have some!!!! Well, now I know what I am going to do with it! Thanks for sharing! Speaking of sharing, do you have any new classes planned for MCC?

  2. OMG!! That is sooo cute, not to mention all the other goodies on her blog. TFS!

  3. Very cute stuff! You always find the bestest! Spent an hour there I betcha.

  4. That is TOO cute!!! So glad you shared it with us!

  5. Oh my gosh! That person makes the most adorable stuff!!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing! CUTE! I’ve added the blog to my reader :)

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