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Man, some of ya’all don’t cut a girl any slack at all, do ya’? *wink*

Yes.  Apparently, my music players are upside down. 

The kids have iPods; I don’t.  I about came undone the other day trying to figure out how to turn Taylor’s Nano off.  I don’t quite get how the wheel thingy works.  Guess that’s obvious by my botched cards for his friends, eh?!  And, ya’all just couldn’t wait to pounce on me and point out my mistake!

When I read Keri’s comment, I ran to Hayley and (literally) shrieked, "WHAT DO YOU SEE???  WHAT DO YOU SEE???"

And, she said, "UPSIDE DOWN iPODS!"    What was I gonna do???  I only had a few minutes before we had to leave for the par-tay!!!  ACK!

So, I did this:


*Still* brilliant,  heh, heh, heh . . .


  1. Love your cards! I had no clue that they were upside down. I don’t have an iPod and am obviously going to be totally clueless when my kids get old enough to have them. Your designs are so brilliant!

  2. Julie, It looks like you have company…I didn’t notice until you pointed it out. Funny….

  3. You are a scream Julie. I don’t get the whole wheel thingie either, but don’t tell my kids. I love your simple card, any teen would be delighted with it.

  4. AWESOME FIX! What a gal!

  5. you’re cracking me up. if it makes you feel better, I didn’t even notice! :)

  6. I felt really mean after I posted my comment, but I just meant more that if you did not have an Ipod, well, you definitely deserve one, and they are kind of fun… card looks great still.

  7. I just figured you put the I-pods upside down on purpose because visually the cords looked better that way :) Next time, just act like you meant to do it, haha!

  8. You are so sweet, so innocent, so cute!!!
    I have no idea which way is up, either! So you are not alone!!! I may own a million or so stamps, but I don’t own an ipod! I like peace and quiet too much! :D
    Your card is AWESOME nonetheless!!!

  9. Hysterical!!!! But then again, we come from the same generation . . . LOL! I wouldn’t have known either!

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