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My kids and I absolutely *adore* the Harry Potter movies, and can hardly wait for the Half-Blood Prince to come out!  We were so disappointed to see the release date had been pushed back, BUT, it’ll be worth the wait, I know!

Meantime, wouldn’t it be fun to host a Quidditch match? *wink*  I couldn’t resist using the Magician and the broom to create this fun invitation!  Of course, he’s not in a proper Seeker uniform, but, you get the idea, eh?! 



I thought I was so clever (arms wrapped ’round self) to make my own Golden Snitch by inking and stamping one of the bats in the Bats image, and then stamping over the top of him with a new pencil eraser dipped in the same ink–voil√°!  Little bit of glitter glue for sparkle, and we’re all set:  Calling all Wizards–and Witches, too!  *chuckle*

Mmmmmm.  I just love magic and make-believe!


P.S.  Holly asked if I actually wrote "Let’s venti!" on this design.  Yes, that is indeed what I wrote.  It was a play on words (puns crack me, what I can I say?  I’m so easily entertained!); venti = the largest size coffee you can get at Starbucks.  In other words, "Let’s get together and vent, over a venti-sized coffee."  *chortling heavily* 

Suzy cracked me–yes, I feel ‘zacly the same when I hold that stamp in my hand!

P.P.S.  Thank you to both Silvia and Victoria– that was so nice of you!  {{{{{hugs}}}}}

Stamps: Magician, Broom, "You’re Invited" (Party Time Set), Bat Trio by A Muse Artstamps
Paper:  Passion Note Card by A Muse Artstamps
Ribbon:  Black Stitched Grosgrain by A Muse Artstamps
Copic Markers: YR21 Cream, E21 Baby Skin Pink, W6 Warm gray No. 6, E09 Burnt Sienna, B34 Manganese Blue 
Ink:  Brilliance Graphite Black, Pearlescent Yellow by Tsukineko
Embellishments:  Yellow Stickles by Ranger Industries

  1. This is too cute! We are big HP fans around here, as well! Our Girl Scout Service Unit had a HP theme for our Encampment last Spring and it was a blast! We actually had a Quidditch match but the girls rode pool “noodles” to keep things safe. People on the sidelines through Bludgers (actually little pool floaty balls) and everyone had a blast. My troop made SWAPS that were Golden Snitches- gold Filo dough with wings made of Shrinky Dinks that I printed from the computer. Fun, fun!

  2. ohhhh GASP!!!! My name on your blog!!!! I think I might have to be revived!!! I lvoe all your cards…and I am shocked and blissfully happy to be here! Julie you rock and I love quickies too!

  3. OMgosh….soooo perfect, Julie!! You are THE clever one!!

  4. I LOVE Harry Potter, and all of my A Muse stamps that are good for HP designs (like the cauldron!) Thanks for this fun design!!! I never thought about a DYI Snitch although I think I have a foam backed snitch from the old licensed images. Yours is a better size.

  5. Julie…yet another act of creative genius! I love how Harry this little magician looks. I don’t know if I will ever see him as anything but :) And your snitch…what a great idea!! Love it!

  6. OMG! How COOL is this!!!

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