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OK, that was just a random number I plucked, BUT, given how old I am, I probably have had that many life lessons!  *chortle*


Lesson learned:  Wait until your mascara is totally dry before attempting to spritz yourself with perfume, and inadvertently aiming the nozzle towards your face, as opposed to your neck.  Mis-targeting will cause you to involuntarily blink to protect your eyes.  This is the end result.

Sneezing immediately after applying mascara will produce the same result.

It is not pretty.


  1. Just seeing this again, and makes me laugh laugh laugh all over again! :)

  2. OMG! This is so funny!!!

  3. *giggle*

  4. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! It’s like the dreaded *BLINK* when you’re applying to your bottom lashes. Ever get that?

  5. *LOL*

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