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My brother-in-law, FBI/Homeland Security/ SWAT, has been to Iraq and returned this month.  Hayley’s boyfriend, Michael, maintains the scrambler jets for his squadron.  He’s over there, for 6 more months of a 7 month DET (I think that’s what they call it?).

Like so many, I worry.  Their work is dangerous, even when they’re right here at home.  And, now, they are far, FAR from home.  Far from family.  Far from friends.

I want very much to be a life-line to home.  Until they are home.  Safe.  With us.

Even if you don’t have a family member serving or know personally of someone who is, you can be a life-line, too!  For more information on Operation Hero Mail, visit:  http://www.operationheromail.com/


  1. These cards are perfect, I know they’ll be appreciated and make a difference.

  2. Love your cards! This is such an amazing project!!!

  3. ohh I know what you mean! My DH was in Iraq a few years ago and I worried…eventhough I knew God would take care of him I still worried…love this set and the site too…Thanks!

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