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My weekend ran out before I had a chance to put ink to rubber, and Hayley had come home for Taylor’s game, and to spend the night, so I really wanted to enjoy some time with her before she headed back to her apartment.  So, I didn’t get around to playing with this until today . . .

Floral silhouettes are so pretty and sophisticated, UKWIM?  I decided to try this sunflower for the color combination and sketch I was thinking about exploring the other day.


I love blending chalk inks on solid images–you can very easily create some great dimension and depth just by doing that!  It’s hard to tell, but I actually inked the flower up with a yellow color first, and then tried to apply the orange to the outer edges of the petals.  Then I dabbed dark brown in the center.

The butterfly was punched from some pumpkin colored card stock and run through my little Xyron machine so I could dump that pretty glitter all over her–so dazzling!  LOL!  I used some old PSX Copper Glitter Glue I still had left in a bottle to embellish the flower center, and the butterfly body–but, you can’t see the spark on the flower at all because it’s so grey outside today–no sunshine.  Well, that and the angle I took the shot, I’m sure, contributed to the "dull" -looking center I ended up with in the shot.  ARGH!

This is one of those color combos I always admire, but, I never NEVER think to use when I sit down to design something–this was a good creative exercise for me!  Well, that, and the layering–I’m horrid at layering!  Everybody else seems to mix and match patterns and colors so easily, and I have to slap my hand away from my plain white base cards–they are *so* my comfort zone!  *chuckle*

It’s promising to be another busy BUSY week for the Eb house!  I honestly didn’t mean to sound quite so secretive with the "no leaky-peeky" comment I made the other day; I don’t have anything "big" in the works!  LOL!  I just meant that I was working on some publication submissions (keeping my fingers crossed, as I’ve only once had the luck to have something accepted to this particular pub), and finishing up some prototypes for my upcoming live-classes, that’s all! True confessions?  One reason I don’t post my class designs online is that after all the hard work of developing the designs, and cutting and prepping all the supplies and materials for class, and packing the class kits for each student,  it is so darn FUN for me to hear a few gasps of delight (I’m so easily entertained, eh?!) when students see them for the very first time!  I suppose that’s kinda silly, but, it gets me all fired up and excited to begin class even more!

Guess I’m a goof ball that way!  *chuckle*

Anyhoo, I’ve been hoppin’ around, peeking at the creations of those that tried the color combo/sketch–such a kick to see what you’ve done!  Thanks so much for sharing your creations with me!   (You can find links to their creations in this area HERE–be sure to check ‘em out!)

Stamps:  Garden Delight Stamp Set (Inkadinkado)
Paper:  Chiffon Yellow Note Card, Kitchen Chocolate Paper, Cabana Blue Paper (A Muse Artstamps)
Ink:  Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Ice Blue, Yellow Citrus, Tangerine, Dark Brown
Ribbon: French Roast Sheer (A Muse Artstamps)
Other:  Copper Glitter Glue (PSX), Pee Wee Glitter Kit "Carribean" (Art Institute)

  1. Lovely card Julie! The layout, the blending, the colors – it’s just lovely!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

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