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Flew by, I do declare.  Wish I had some eye candy to share today, but, aaaaall my stamping this week was under a no-can-peeky-leaky-at-this-time umbrella.      (It’s a maddening thing to create stuff you are so jazzed about, and be dyin’ to share it, but, ya’ gotta sit on it for the time being . . . ARGH!

A few of you asked about the Pumpkin Dip recipe, so I’m sharing it here:

PUMPKIN DIP (Beware, this makes a LOT of dip; you can always halve the recipe if need be!)

2 bricks of cream cheese, softened
1 large can pumpkin (or 2 regular 15 oz. cans)
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. nutmeg
1/4 t. pumpkin pie spice
1 lb. powdered sugar (yes, an entire pound; if you were lookin’ for low-cal, this is not it.  This is pure pumpkin decadence, savvy? )

Mix all the above with a mixer in a big bowl.  Serve with some crispy apple slices and/or gingersnaps.  I promise you, if you’re a pumpkin pie lover, like me, you’ll wanna swim in the bowl, kid you not!!!

       Yup, just dive right on in!

I posted this recipe over at the A Muse News Blog, too, and I got an email from someone asking about sifting the powdered sugar.   Girl did not know she was talkin’ to the Anti-Martha!       *chuckle*  Nope!  You do not need to sift the sugar at all.  I mean, you could, if you really enjoy sifting.  But, it’s not necessary.

And, for those that may have missed this little tidbit about me:  I actually detest cooking.  I am always happy when I find recipes that feature as few ingredients as possible–preferrably no more than 6, excluding salt & pepper, of course, with as little prep as possible, and requiring as little attention at the stove as possible.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m actually a good cook; I learned to cook out of necessity, because I can’t stand bad food.  But, as far as enjoying the process?  No.  And, I devote as little time as I possibly can to it.

Since I don’t have any eye candy for today, mebbe you’d enjoy takin’ a peek at today’s Guest Designer Article I posted on Greta Smithson, a former member of the A Muse Design Team!   Greta is DA’ BOMB, I tell ya’!  We were bummed when life got too hectic, and she needed to step down from the Team, but, I was stoked when she said she’d be able to fit in a Guest Designer stint for us in the Fall!  Be sure to leave a comment for that article, and the first one, so you can be entered into a random drawing for her stamp and note card picks!  I knew ‘zacly what she was gonna pick, too!  *chuckle*

Oh, and here’s a color scheme and layout I decided I want to try over the weekend.  If you try one, the other, or both, come back and hook me up with a link–I would love to see what you do!



Have a happy Saturday!  I’ll be watchin’ my boy at the soccer fields! Kick it, T-man!


  1. That dip sounds sooooo yummy! I totally cheat when I make it. I use the Pumpkin Butter from Trader Joes and mix it with a block of cream cheese. I’m going to try your dip so I can say I did more than purchase 2 things :)

  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! That little smiley eating the pumpkin pie is CRACKIN’ ME UP!!! I sitting here smiling so hard my cheeks hurt — all 4 of them!! ha ha ha ha

    I’m SO GONNA make that dip! I’ll make it to take on Halloween over to my daughters…cause we are gonna go over there and pass out candy. YUMMO!!

    I’ll give that color combo a try…and the layout too. “I’LL BE BACK!” LOL!

  3. Thanks for the recipe. I have a son on the Autism spectrum and he eats very few things. One of the things he does like is to scoop up pumpkin dip with graham crackers and eat it. I have been making my own recipe and think I will try yours. Yours sounds much better than my homemeade concoction, which looks a bit like barf. (None of us in my family will eat my recipe except my one son.)

  4. Thanks for posting a sketch!! I couldn’t quite follow the rules, but here is my take:


    (and I almost got the color combo in there…wasn’t even trying)

  5. Hi Julie,

    I played – pls forgive the naughty reindeer ;)


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