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Gonna be so much fun–the new shop is so darn cute and fab!  Hope you local stampers will be able to join us!  GOOD TIMES!!!


  1. I’ll be there, a few days late. After Thanksgiving celebrations over the weekend, I’m coming to Seattle!!!! Yippee!!!

  2. I wanna go! :-(

  3. OK, your highness, where in eastern WA did you live? I live in Spokane and my LSS is Apropos. I’m moving back to hometown in CA next month after 4 years here. I’ve love Spokane but family is in CA.

    Oh yeah, I love your work!

  4. Rats! I wish I could come down from Vancouver CA, but I’m at a retreat that weekend. I’ll have to make the trip in the next few weeks though. Congrats!

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