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Immediately after our Instructor Team Training event in Seattle (good–no, GREAT TIMES!!!, but, I'm the worst people photographer; none of my shots were all that great so I haven't shared.  Well, that, and I've had ZERO TIME–ACK!), Linda and I had to gear up for our New England Live Class schedule–10 classes in 4 days.  Are we crazy insane or what???!!!!  It took the two of us 7 hours just to cut all the paper– I won't even tell ya' how long the kitting took!  Why, yessum, we are indeed a pair o' loons! *chuckle* 

Needless to say, it's always a jam-packed adventure with Linda and we had a FAB time in New England, despite the exhausting pace!

One of the things I love most about traveling and teaching, is that I always learn or discover something I didn't know before . . . for instance . . .

  • If you catch a red-eye out of Seattle and arrive in Boston at 7:15 am ET, drive out to the Cape, and then inject some Starbucks into your veins (!!!) you can actually remain standing and teach a few classes . . .  AAaaannnnd, if one is accustomed to the "robust" blend of Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts coffee tastes rather like dirty water . . . (!)
  • All the hot dining spots out on the Cape shut down at 8:30pm in the off-season. Crayfish   Whazzzzzup wid 'dat???  Didn't they know we'd come to to paaar-tay??? *snarf*
  • That one J. Shurkus is reputed to be the "Bucket Nazi", a title of distinction . . . and fear among stampers of Cape Cod and certain areas of Boston . . . *wink*
  • New England has the most confusing roadway system we have ever encountered.    Serious.  I don't know how you peeps know where you're goin' out there!
  • That it is possible to get a Chinook wind in NH  – not just out in the PNW– but, folks back East don't know that it's actually called a Chinook, so when you mention it, they look at you like you're from Mars or sumpin'.
  • And, if you're gonna fit in with the locals, you must practice saying, "Wicked smaaaht caaahds!"  Yeah.  Just like that.  ROTFLMBO!

Our first stop:

Colorful Creations, Hyannis MA: Where fellow Instructor Shurkus (as I affectionately call her) manages and teaches!  What a fun FUN place!


I get so "into" the rubbah, that I always frogget to whip out my camera and snap a few pics, but, Jayne and the fab staff at CC took a group shot and they have an album of pics, too, right HERE.  And,  there were cupcakes.  Yummalicious cupcakes!!!

Next stop:

Ink About It, Westford MA:  Owners Linda and Lori have a delightful store!


Check out these fab shots of the events, and some of the class projects we did on their blog right HERE!  Karen made us the most darling cupcake favors, and inside:  a MONDO cupcake with decadent chocolate frosting!  OMG! 

We actually did catch one very lucky break in between classes one day while in Westford to drive out to Fish Bones, in Chelmsford, to sample the local cuisine!!!  


Aaaaaand, I had a chance to meet sweet friends Robin, who shared some gaaaw-jus dominoe pins she'd made with us, and Heather, IRL for the very first time, as they drove all the way to take the classes! DA' BOMBS, both!   So sassy with their ATG guns, eh?!


And, our final stop:

The Paper Tree, Manchester NH:  Owner Michelle is just the sweetest gal ever, and she had this unbelievable array of cupcakes for all the folks that came for classes with us–Check out these wicked gourmet chocolates on top!



We were startin' to get pretty goofy by the end of the day . . . *chuckle*

This trip was particularly fun for us in that we got to see new A Muse Instructors Jen Daloisio and Liz Ballard once again, and meet Greta, one of the original A Muse Design Team Members, for the first time IRL!  WOO HOOOOOOO!!!

There were a LOTTA cupcakes involved on this trip, I tell ya'!  *chinkle*

Here's my personal favorite of the class designs we did featuring Cupcake Builder:


Such an unlikely color combo, and yet I fell in love with it!

Thank you so much to Jayne, Linda & Lori, and Michelle for inviting us to come out and teach and many thanks to all of you that joined us for classes and it was such a thrill to meet you–lots o' squishy hugs–hope nobody minded!   


  1. YUM on the cuppycakes, and boo hoo that you had to drink Dunkin donuts coffee (ack!)…nevertheless, it looks like you and Linda had a great time along with all the gals over on the EAST coast! :)

  2. I missed your classes, but you described New England pretty well. The ride from the Cape to the North is a tough one. You are on 2 highways at once, one going North and the other South. That does not seem possible! I love all 3 stores you visited!

  3. So when are yah comin’ bahk??????

  4. Happy to see you two had so much fun..
    great photos!

  5. I spy Hooty and Robin!! Oh I soooo wanted to go Julie…NEXT TIME… thas all me is sayin’ – Hope you liked the east coast sweetie!!!

  6. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog.

    Looks like you had a fab time!! The cupcake image is too cute! TTYL! ~Lori

  7. love it and all the animation!! made me miss new england but hey i’ll be there next month for a visit!!

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