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Paper Trufflez: Continued dialogue: Q & A on hot-linking, image use.

Due to more questions I've received, there are some terms and scenarios that may be getting blurred or misunderstood:

Linking = providing the URL so people can click on it and follow where it leads

Hyperlinking = using code to turn highlighted text into a clickable link to do the same thing (rather than just the URL info)

Hotlinking = using someone else's bandwidth to display their images or content remotely at another site. If you have their permission to do this, all is square!  But, if you don't, you are stealing their bandwidth.

Bandwidth is not "free".  Just so you are aware, somebody, somewhere down the line is paying for it, even if the blogger's hosting service is a "free" one, like Blogger.  See "The myth of unlimited bandwidth"

When a blog exceeds it's allotted bandwidth capacity, it can be taken offline by the hosting service, or, in the case of Typepad, for example, where bloggers pay a fee for the hosting of their blog, they are billed the overage.



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  1. so you say that using the picture link is the rude thing? I thought it was nice to link back to the original.

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