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Sometimes, it all works out on paper just like it did in the brain.  This was one of those lucky instances!  I could have masked, but, after staring down at the paper for a few minutes, I figured it would probably be just as easy to just stamp the tree right over the stamped window, and then stamp it again on scrap, color it, trim it out, slap it right ovvaaaah the top, yessirreee!  And, it was!

Many others, I'm sure have already thought to draw a "horizon" or, in this case, a "snow" line through the window, but, I felt I struck 2 moments of brilliance in one when that wild and crazy idea drifted into my head.  *chuckle*

Thank you, both for your concern, and for sharing a laugh with me over my "lack of glamor and grace" post from the other day.  No broken bones, and the ego suffered only a few minor bruises.  I seem destined to go through life somewhat of a clutz . . . *wink*   Thankfully, the laptop didn't seem to suffer any damage at all.  WHEW!

So, tell me:  Are you the type that got your holiday cards all done back in July?  You've had all your holiday gifts purchased, and now you just have to concentrate on wrappin' 'em?  Well, congratulations.  You are so organized!

I'm not.  Not by a long shot. In fact, I haven't started ANY of that holiday stuff of my own yet.  I guess I just like living in the moment.  I have an aversion to planning ahead when it comes to the holidays, even tho I know it would probably reduce a lot of stress.

But, I am proud of my Thanksgiving accomplishment.  OK, I shouldn't say "my", because I had a LOT of help from my awesome husband and daughter.

Sidebar:  Last year my stuffing tasted like crap.  CRAP, I tell ya'!  I couldn't figure out why everybody was being so polite about it.  But, this year, it was killaaaaah! 

We had 13 for dinner, both from my and my hubby's families.  We had to cook 2 turkeys, because all the big ones were gone by the time I went shoppin' bird.  But, it worked out just fine. I had won 3 luscious gourmet desserts at an auction earlier in the fall (our local Lions club does fundraisers like this to raise monies for college scholarships), and I'm so glad I won that bid–YEA–muffin top expansion delivered right to my front door, and all in the name of a good cause!  They were so SO yummy!

Good times, and despite how stressed I get hosting things like this, it was gratifying to see everybody genuinely enjoy themselves.  And, we have so much leftover, I look forward to NOT cooking for the next few days!  Yippeeeeeeee!!!  I'm such a domestic goddess, no?!  ROTFLMBO!

Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed with family, friends, and good food!


All Stamps, Note Card, Twinkle Stickers by A Muse Artstamps

  1. THIS is ooooh soooo cute!!!! I need to get me more A*Muse stuff!!!!

  2. Love the pink!

  3. Glad your Thanksgiving was so wonderful! Leftovers are a wonderful thing!!!

    Love this card too ~ so pretty in pink!

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