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Paper Trufflez: More on hot-linking.

Paper Trufflez:  Just Say No

Q.  So please tell me if I am wrong it is like having 3 lamps on in your house (the lamps are the pictures and the house is your blog), 2 you are paying for through your own electricity account and the other is powered by an extension cord running from the neighbours?–Heather

A.  Heather, you're close!  Here's another analogy that may help:  It's like the neighbor tapping into your TV cable line, and now they're getting the same cable TV in their house that you get, but, they're not paying for it; you are.

Hope that makes sense!–Julie

Q.  I do a weekly "Friday Feature" on my blog where I search the galleries and blogs and find a card (or project) that totally inspires me and then I create my own work from that inspiration. I always post the piece that inspired me along with links to the persons blog and gallery along with my own creation. I always alert the person in case they don't want to be "featured"…

Is this wrong? Usually the photo is from a gallery and I save it to my computer and upload it to my blog (so it shouldn't use their bandwith) and then I create a link to their blog homepage.–Colleen

A.  As long as you have that image owner's consent to upload their image on your blog, you are A-OK!!!–Julie

Q.  I found this very informative and linked your article on my blog (hope that is ok!?!)–Cammie

A.  Absolutely OK to link to these articles at your blog!  Thank you, and thanks to others who also have linked to these articles, for helping spread the word!–Julie

Q.  When I participate with a sketch challenge, I save the image to my hard drive, then upload the image in my blog post. I always link to the originator of the sketch challenge. Is this considered image stealing? Since it's a sketch challenge, I want to show what the sketch is…and since it's a sketch challange, usually it's open to everyone's participation…I guess the authorization is implied.–Lacey

A.  Lacey, this is the protocol I follow at my blog: 

If I didn't create the image, content, sketch, etc. myself, I ask permission in advance from the person that did, to display it over at my blog/site (or wherever I was hoping to display it) and I always include a link to the source as well, for proper attribution.    The only time I would bypass asking, is if the image owner has included a notice in clear terms granting anyone permission to upload it at their blogs/sites.  I just find that assuming that permission is implied can often lead to problems down the road (we all know what can happen when we assume, eh?! *wink*)–Julie

Q.  When i use a stamp from a company, i always insert a link back to the company or to where the stamp is on their website for sale. I always wanted to do it out of the curtosy of promotion, helping others see what they have for sale. Is this hot linking?–Katie

A.  No, you are not hot-linking, if you simply provide the URL (link)  to where the image is located on their site (viewers have to click on the link, and go to the site to see the image). 

If you downloaded their image, saved it, and uploaded it to your blog without their consent, that is image theft and copyright violation.  If you copied and pasted  the image from their site to yours (instead of saving it to your computer, and then uploading it to your site), again, without their consent, you have not only stolen the image, but you may also have hot-linked it (image AND bandwidth theft in one swoop).  Hope that explains it!–Julie

Q.  Is linking to their site or a specific post bad netiquette if we haven't asked for permission?–Stephanie

A.  No, because you are not taking info from their site and putting it on yours (without their knowledge/consent).  Linking to their site or specific post is GOOD netiquette because you are directing folks (traffic) back to the original source to view the information.  Although it is possible, I have never heard of anyone objecting to this–it is typically greatly appreciated! *grin*–Julie

  1. Thank you Julie for the information.

    I just needed one small clarification much like Katie’s question – I only use URL’s back to images or creations that may have inspired me. I never cut and paste other’s images or download then re-upload someone else’s work. Is linking to their site or a specific post bad netiquette if we haven’t asked for permission?

  2. Thank you Julie! I knew you’d have the answers for us.

    You are AMAZING… and I will be spreading the word too!

  3. WHEW; the muddy water has cleared; thank you Julie for helping those of us that were still slightly confused and concerned!!


  4. I am glad I am ok ;) Sorry fro the funny example but hey you must have understood :)

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  5. Thanks for clarifying this, Julie. My blog’s not a stamping one (no photos at all, actually!), but I occasionally post straightforward links to other sites. Glad to know that I’m okay doing that. I hadn’t ever realized this sort of thing was a problem and am so sorry you’ve been the victim of it.

  6. Wow, Julie thank you so much for this useful information over the course of the last three posts!! I had many questions concerning this, and like many others, wasn’t sure if I was unintentionally doing something that I wasn’t supposed to be doing. This is valuable info for everyone! I understand it so much better now. I will pass this info on (with a link to your blog and posts!) Thanks again!!

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