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Wait for it . . .

                    Wait for it . . .


OH MYLAAAAANTA!!!, do I ever love how this turned out!  This is one of my fav-O-rites, this little car with the tree up on topso fun!

I know.  S'nothin' fancy–no fabulous fold, no slick tool or trick, no patterned paper, just a wee bit o' color. And some glitter.   That's it!  That's all she stamped!  And, yet, oh, how I lub, lubs LUBS it!!!

   Oh, yeah. You *know* it!  I'm gleeful, and giddy, and I almost can't stand m'self!  (arms wrapped around self, and seriously DEEP chortlin')  Almost.  heh, heh, heh!

I spent today filming and editing our design team's creations for a coming release.  ……….THUD!!!  That's all I'll say.

I am a vault.    Safe

Meantime . . . Typepad has gone and switched me over to their new editor; jury's still out on deliberations.

And, in other news, Mon blog a gagn√© un prix! (translation:  My blog won a prize!) –Merci beaucoup to Marie, in Switzerland–do visit her blog–her work is lovely and her scrapbook pages are absolutely charming!  I don't speak or understand French (I wonder if I could learn using Rosetta Stone?),  and can grasp only little, LITTLE tidbits here and there, but, I just love "reading" her writing . . . I can feel the enthusiasm and excitement in her words–she's so dang CUTE!  Marie, you rocked my world with your very kind compliment.  {{{{{{{{{Marie}}}}}}}}}}

I made a card today.  Just for the halibut!  It's been a *good* day. (grin)


  1. Hey Julie, you definitely need to check out Google Translate – It will make reading her blog so much better! Here’s the link to her site in English:


  2. GET OUT!!! This is awesome!

    Why do I think all my cards have to have layers and layers???

  3. perfecto!!

  4. This is rockstar.

  5. This is one of the cutest holiday cards I have seen all season!! I absolutely love the simplicity of it! In these times of more is more…this card is extremely refreshing!! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  6. TOTALLY LOVE IT! Your ideas are so fabulous? What did you use for the sparkle?

    Glad to hear you were ok after your little “incident”. Sounds like something I would do.

    Have a great week.

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