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I should have had Linda, co-owner of Ink About It, take a photo, as she peered down at me, asking, "OMG–Are you OK????!!!"


We'd just driven in to Westford from the Cape, and were still a bit groggy.  I honestly can't remember if we'd had coffee at that point . . .

We began unloading the car, and schlepping stuff in to the store–as I approached the store from the parking lot, Linda swung open the door with that wonderful smile of hers.

Stepping up onto the side walk there, with a rolling suitcase (class materials) in one hand, my laptop bag on one shoulder, a heavy bag holding punches in another hand, and a tote with even more supplies over the other shoulder, I'm sure I looked like a plump little pack mule.

Linda C., owner of A Muse called out to me from the car, asking about something.   And, here's where I made my fatal mistake:  I turned around.  To better hear what she was saying.

The centrifugal force of rotating, combined with an unbalanced load on my person caused me to stumble against the rolling suitcase.  And, that was it. The law of gravity was in motion; I was going down, and there was no stopping it.

Flat on my back, bags strewn about me, that, my friends, was how I met the owner of Ink About It.

Anything but glamorous, grand, or impressive, I'm your girl. *chuckle* 


  1. Oh my gosh Julies, I hope you didn’t suffer any lasting aches and pains, other than that of your ego . . . LOL! I can so see me doing this! My middle name should be “Grace”. You gave me a good chuckle when I read this!

  2. Oh no! Are you alright?

    So sounds like something I would do. :)

  3. Ah, but she’ll never forget you and I’m sure a smile will come to her face each time she thinks about you! :)
    Hope you’re ok!!

  4. LMAO! I’m really, really, REALLY LMAO! Sorry, can’t stop… talk about making a great first impression.


  5. Ok….I’m NOT laughing at you….but WITH you!! I got such a visual on this and could sooo picture myself on the ground, reaching up to shake hands saying “Hi!!”

  6. Is the laptop ok?! :)
    I know, it’s not funny, but your way of telling storys…. I have, well, I can’t not laugh… sorry. I guess the first impression you gave the owner was forgotten as soon as she saw your work! :)
    Hope your back is ok.


  7. You kill me, girl! I hope you didn’t break anything! Were the punches okay? No, seriously, I meant a bone or something.

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