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Paper Trufflez: Just say "No"..

For those following the above entry,  I wanted to share something else I found out:

It is possible many folks are hot-linking unwittingly by copying and pasting an image/content from one site to another!  I'm not the most tech savvy person, and had no idea this was possible until a discussion I had last night with a fellow blogger who realized she was unintentionally hotlinking!


So, you've asked permission to display someone else's pictures or content at your site/blog, and ya' got the green light from the owner to proceed! 

Wonderful!  Now, here's the next step you can take, to avoid hotlinking (using their bandwidth):

Save it to your computer (temporarily), and then upload it into your site/blog.  You can then delete the image from your computer. 

If you short-cut, by only copying and pasting, instead of following the above steps, you could end up hotlinking it.   

Here's a most excellent site you can visit for more information:

I know the world wide web is vast, but, I really do hope that in bringing up this topic, we CAN make the paper-crafting corner of it a happy, courteous one–for all of us!  I think if we work together on this, it is possible!

I am just one very small voice; it takes many voices to help increase awareness.  If you'd like to link to any of my entries on this topic at your blog or website, to help spread the word, you are welcome to do so!

And, thank you!

I wish ya'll a stamp-happy day!


  1. Help Julie!!! I am a little confused. I have never copied and pasted someones pictures but I have copied and pasted the URL to link a post on my blog. Is this the same? If it is please forgive me and how do I go about doing it correctly with out having someone go through a done of pages to find what I am posting about? I hope I am explaining myself correctly.

    (You are awesome!!)
    Dianne K

  2. I am so glad you talked about the folks that are unintentionally hot-linking — I think many folks do that, and are really, really NOT trying to be bad… And, if they can just be educated in a kind and loving way, they would LIKE to do what is RIGHT!

    Good job.

  3. I’ve never considered myself technologically challenged; but I’ve read every single link you’ve provided as well as your posts…and I’m STILL concerned I might be hot-linking!

    I read the article at Webweaver and I’ve linked to pages which they said it good; but I’m still concerned I’m doing it wrong. I’ll do more research as I certainly never intended to do anything wrong.

    Thanks for the heads up Julie; I greatly appreciate it!

  4. Yup I linked to all three of your posts Julie. I may be a computer dummy but I’m pretty sure I’ve never hot-linked. I still learned something here tho and I’m spreading the word so that this hopefully will happen a lot LESS in the future! :)

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