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It’s been a hectic 3-4 weeks!  After I taught up in Canada, we had our A Muse Instructor Training event in Seattle, and Tuesday after that, Linda and I flew out to Boston to visit some of our wonderful stores and teach (10 classes over 4 days).  Home again on Sunday night, and BAM!  Right back at it.

I have some pics to share and tales to tell, but, at the moment, I just need to breathe.  And, sleep.

I have to remind myself that "There’s more to life, than increasing its speed."  I dunno who said that, but, when I feel life zoomin’ along, mach 3 and m’ hair ablaze, I find I need to remind myself to be still, do nothing, just breathe.  And, believe it or not, the planet will NOT roll off its axis!  Go figure! *chortle*



  1. I have a magnet with that sentiment on my fridge. It is by Gandhi. I have to remind myself daily….. Love your blog.

  2. yup…sometimes you just have to take it easy and enjoy those around you! I just wanted to let you know that I made that sinful pumpkin dip and oHHH MYYY WORD! I did want to swim in it! I halved the recipe and it was the perfect amount for my gathering! Thanks for all the inspiration…crafting and cooking! LOL

  3. I so enjoyed meeting you and Linda at Ink About It…you gals rock! Glad you made it home safely. Get some rest and re-energize your creativity.

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