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A Muse News: The Last 12 Days of Advent.

Merry Belated Christmas!  I've been away from the computer, visiting family, and only just returned home to realize I had forgotten to post the contents of my box from our A Muse Advent project.  Hope you can forgive me for the delay . . .



I know today's kids are prolly more excited about all things electronic, but I like to think a good old fashioned Slinky is still good fun! *chuckle*  Do you remember the song?  (click HERE to hear it and see the old TV commercial)

OK, yeah–there is an ulterior (stamping) motive for having a Slinky around, too . . .

If you hook the ends together, and set it on a table top, you can slide cards that may have wet glitter glue on them into the rings; it keeps 'em upright to air dry, without touching each other or falling down, etc.

Cool, eh?! *wink*

I hope you had a wonderfully joyous Christmas–we braved the snow and icy roads to enjoy our annual trip in the city, just my hubby and I with our two kidlings.  This year, we decided to try Seattle.  The roads in downtown Seattle were HORRIBLE (total understatement)–we probably should have cancelled.  And then, call us crazy . . .  we decided to brave it even further and travelled down the state to spend Christmas with my parents, my uncle and Grams.  We sprang it on them very last minute–we haven't had snow and ice like this on the west side of WA state in about 18 years or so–unbelievable! 

It is literally "Over the river and through the woods" to get to grandmother's house–we crossed in the dark, or I would have gotten a pic to show.  It snowed and snowed while we were there!!!  Glorious!   My parents thought we were totally NUTS to travel down in that, but, they were so SO happy to see us–we haven't spent Christmas at their place for quite a few years.

Anyhoo, if I get a chance, I'll try to share some pics in a few days of our Christmas Vacation Adventure.

Happy weekend!


  1. How fun!!! The old toys are still the BEST!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Glad you got home safely. No snow here. It fact, it is almost 65 degrees here today.

    Your mini slinky sure brings back memories! And great idea! I am definitely going to have to get me one.

  3. Does your slinky trick work with the plastic ones? I feel for you…I’m over here in Sedro Woolley with tons of snow!

  4. fun!!! i used to have a “pet” slinky named coils

  5. That snow and ice and Seattle’s hills? I can’t imagine! Glad you got home safely.

    My niece is in the Navy and visiting and mentioned that she is “worried” that she might be transferred to ………
    Whidbey Island!! I was jumping when I heard it was a possibility!

    Have a Happy New Year!

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