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A Muse: Rubber stamps, clear stamps and other paper crafting delights!.

OK, so it's not Saturday Night (Live).  And, it's not from New York.

I was just playing Jedi mind tricks on ya'. 

But, it is from Seattle!  

It's the *new* A Muse Lounge and Design Studio!  You can get there by going to A Muse Artstamps, and clicking on the tabs along the top menu bar, that say "Lounge", and "Design Studio".

What's the Lounge?  It's a forum (you know, a message board!)  where you can meet fellow stampers, make some new friends, and get to know the A Muse Creative Team Members (I call 'em "The Muses").  We have some fun stampin' activities goin' on that we hope you'll enjoy.  Do come!  It's a warm and friendly little place!

What's the Design Studio?  Eye candy!  Yeah, that's the best way I know to describe it!   Fabulous card samples designed to inspire you, in A Muse's signature simple style!  We'll be adding more designs on a regular basis, so come on over to ogle the pretties often!

Oh, and well, I guess there's one more bit of news that might interest ya' . . .

Fresh rubbah.  Of the A Muse Valentine kind.  Click HERE for the full monty.


  1. Wish I’d thought of that NY thang! dang you’re genius too!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Off I go to the site.

  3. Julie,

    Please help. I don’t have Outlook and I want to e-mail you! Could you add your e-m address directly to the site (no link)?


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