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OK, I'll admit it–it's comforting to know I'm not alone–thank you for commiserating with me–and for sharing what brands you've had success with!  It's been a long time since I donned a pair of Levi Button Fly 501 Blues, but, I just might hafta rectify that; they are great all-around jeans!

I have no idea what the standard in height is for "petite", but I am nearly 5' 2".  Believe it or not, I am the Amazon among the women of my family and tower over my mother and sister who stand about 4'10 and 4' 11". *chuckle*  Both pairs I found were "petites".


Here's what I settled happily upon, and the price, considering that some jeans go for $80+, seemed reasonable for me, considering that they fit me nicely,  revealed nothing with regards to my preferred undergarments, and would not require hemming–I couldn't find exact pictures of them at macys.com but, these come pretty close:

BandolinoBlu in "Lexi" fit   (but, mine didn't have pocket flaps; they do have decorative stitching, and copper studs, tho–I haven't bought jeans with fancy decorative pockets like these since Hash Jeans were big when I was in high school!  LOL!)

and, these:  Style & Co. Jeans  (but, mine have dark navy stitching, instead of the color shown in the picture)  Dark wash–they are more like a trouser jean–nice when you want a little dressier, but still casual look (beyond the 501's and an Old Navy fleece pullover).

Be forewarned, however:  They do have a touch of Spandex in 'em–a hint of Spandex seems to fit me better–a little bit more forgiving on those days when my willpower breaks down and I fall prey to those "make-my-butt-bigger" meals.  Sorry, but, a life lived on SlimFast is no life at all; I enjoy food.  I go to Vegas for the boo-faaaaaays, baby!!! 


  1. -”Lee har ett par som heter scarlett med tvc3a4tten HFCU, den ser ut som en tvc3a4ttad svart.. har den sjc3a4lv c3a5 c3a4lskar dom. Jobbar pc3a5 Carlings sc3a5 kolla din nc3a4rmaste Carlingsbutik.. / Lotta”

  2. Cute jeans Julie! I’m sure you just sold a bunch of jeans for these companies, just by mentioning them here!! I know I want some now!! :D

    You are the cutest person ever! Thanks for spending time chatting with me at the shop yesterday!!


  3. I missed your jean post originally, but OMG! Do I feel your pain!! I’m a whoppin’ 5’1″(tho in my head I’m 5’7″) and seem to have a TEENY (bwhahahaaa) muffin top too. I just told DH that I was going to have to do the dreaded jean shopping and the poor man shuddered. He knows that life will not be pleasant on that dreaded day. I will have to see if I can find these jeans. I like the look of them and maybe, just maybe they would fit my bootie!!

  4. You are a GIANT (at 5’2″) in my book!!! I’m right there with you mom & sis. ROFLOL!! These jeans are great. I’m so glad you found the needle in the haystack…..that’s how I feel about jean shopping. *wink*

  5. Those are cute jeans!!! And really, not that pricey, like you said, compared to “designer” jeans at are-you-kidding-me prices.

    You’ll look smashing in those, girlfriend!!

  6. Hi Julie,
    thank so much for answering my question. I love your work and admire your card for their clean, simple look…love it.

  7. I missed the “jeans” post but just wanted to let you know “I feel your pain.” Hubby can ask me to “pick him up a pair of jeans” and yes, I can find the same Levi’s in the exact length and waist. Couldn’t be easier! When I go to purchase jeans- and while I’m not a slave to fashion I would like them to be a bit “hip.” It’s an all day, often frustrating venture! I agree a bit of spandex helps BUT it always seems that just about the time I break the jeans in and they are my fav comfy pair, the spandex gives out and my 11-year-old daughter wants to know why I don’t get jeans that don’t sag! At what age to daughter’s become the “fashion police!” My daughter is another difficult jean issue. She is going to be a curvy girl. She is just 5″ (hopping for a few more inches before she stops growing) and has a flat tummy (about 105lbs) but a waist, hips and more of a bustline than I even dreamed of at her age. She needs Jr. sized jeans (about a 3) but they are miles too long for her. We have ended up at Limited Two getting a 12 1/2 which is considered their “plus” size and she thinks she is FAT! Then you go into Banana Republic or Hollister and she needs at least a large shirt! And don’t even get me started about the paper thin cotton they are making the t-shirts from- why is this a good or even valuable for the consumer idea? Sorry, you just happened to hit a nerve- teeheehee! Take care!

  8. the lexi fit–hee! hee! i may have to check those out!

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