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I thought this made a sweet Valentine–I'm not sure WHY, but, for some reason the apple core is my favorite image from this release–there's just something about it that pulls at me.  I had to use my new Martha Stewart apple punch with, of course–TOTAL CUTENESS!!!

It's been lovely being away from the computer–the internet, actually!  Rejuvenates me, I think!  I prepped like a maniac for my classes in Seattle at the A Muse shop, and they were so much fun!  I can't believe I didn't take a single picture.  I'm horrid; I get so caught up in the rubbah, I just forget everything else!

I got to see Krystie Lee, fellow DD Alumni, and her mama,  AND, Heather came from Denver, to hook up with her friend Emily and Emily's mama, and they were all in my class!  It was so FUN!

There were even two ladies that flew in all the way from Chicago to take the classes, and Pebbles popped by the shop that day, too, with hubby John in tow!  FUN FUN FUN!!! Gobs of huggin' went on, naturally!

Anyhoo, we popped things, slid things, flocked things, and, OH MYLAAAANTA did we ever GLITTAAAAAH things!!!  I'm afraid everybody left sparkling head to toe . . . LOL!

Next day, Linda, Heather and I headed down to CHA for a  2 day whirlwind.  Got to see Em, and Michelle, owner of Paper Tales, as well as Jill!  We also got to hook up briefly with several other members of the A Muse Creative Team, including Falco, and her mama, as well as Shurkus!

I didn't expect it would happen, due to the tight schedule we were on, but I actually did get to wrap up a number of DD Alumni in mondo squishy hugs!  And, lucky, lucky me, I also got to see Jenn, Daven, and Lori again–some of my favoritest peeps in the whole wide world!

Again, I kept forgetting to take pics, can ya' believe it?   

I also got to hug Lisa Spangler, and Shari Carroll, and even met Jennifer McGuire for the 1st time!  Great gals all, and I'm such a die-hard fan of their beautiful work (they all design for Hero Arts)!  I couldn't believe Jennifer actually remembered a question I had asked on her blog about Memories White ink, and she answered right there on the spot!

Look–Lisa send me a pic taken with her iPhone:


I am ROLLING, cuz we called it "The Turtle Shot"–we were trying to avoid double chin syndrome!  BAH HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!  Oh, dang–she's so cute and sweet!  I just love her to pieces!

There were a number of Hollywood (TV/Movie) and industry celebs at the show, too, but, well, there's only *one* that would ever give me heart palpitations, and make me bounce through the ceiling . . . I  don't know that my beloved hero, my Queen, attended the show, but, there wasn't much opportunity to hunt her down, really–besides, I wouldn't have wanted her to think I was a life-long stalker.  I mean, I am a stalker, but, I'm the FRIENDLY, worshipful sort. (see "Someone please pinch me")

That pretty much brings things up to speed!

Have a great weekend!  My family is gonna try to work in a wee bit of birthday fun for me among all the basketball going on . . . And, there will be appletinis tonight fo'h sho'h!!!  *chuckle*


  1. Wow, cute cute card!!!
    Awesome photo too!
    Have a great birthday and wishing you lots of goodness this year!

  2. I just love this card. Having endured 31 years of Corr (maiden name) jokes, none of which were original or flattering, this one is wonderful.

  3. Happy Birthday Julie!
    I was as CHA, just for Sunday, & got to meet Lisa S. Jennifer McG and Shari C. Wow! I talked with Lisa for quite a while and needless to say I was not surprised to find out she’s is just a great gal! Super, uber talented and just as nice as can be!!!! I was drooling over all the new stamps HA will be bringing out soon. Glad you had a great time too. I didn’t get to see “queen”.

  4. I missed your blog. Now I know why you were missing in action …. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a good one! The card is lovely. Cheers!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful brithday Julie!! *Love* this card!! Just perfect!! :)

  6. Totally a Queen card! Love it!
    Hope you had a funtastic birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday Julie! LOVE your apple card!!!! Have a great day :)

  8. Love that little apple core– darling and clever!

  9. Great card… welcome home and happy birthday! Cheers to you!

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