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I had been sitting on the floor at CHA Anaheim, inside the foyer, for nearly 2 hours (long story for some other time), when my cell phone rang . . .

From out of the blue, a very dear old friend was calling . . .

"Julie?  This is Brenda!"

"OMG! Are you serious?  BRENDA!!!!" (I kinda yelped, I was so surprised and happy to hear her voice after so long–too long!)

"I was cleaning my bathroom, and I just had to call you!"

  Um . . .  is it flattering to know that cleaning the bathroom would inspire a friend to call . . . ? 

"No, listen!  I was cleaning the bathroom and thinking about these cards I wanted to make.  I had picked up a copy of this magazine and had marked these two cards I really wanted to make!   And, as I was cleaning, I couldn't get these two cards out of my head, so I stopped and went back to look at them again–AND YOUR NAME WAS LISTED AS THE ARTIST–ON BOTH!!!"–she was shouting at this point.


 (see the card on the lower right cover; the other card she is referring to is on p. 20, if you happen to have a copy of this issue, and features my beloved A Muse To Go Cup!  )

I began to laugh . . . She's so gosh darn cute when she gets excited, my friend Brenda! 

I *miss* her–I knew absolutely no one when we moved to Eastern Washington those years ago, and she was my first friend;  she happened to be the only stamper on the staff where my hubby had taken a new job. 

We became instant chums, and oh, the rubbah road trips we would take, haunting the stores up in Spokane.  GOOD TIMES!!!

We chatted and chatted, and caught up on so much!  Who'd have thought that one fun surprise would bring another even more wonderful one?!

  Love you, Q-Bee!


  1. Congrats on having one of your cards on the cover! I have that copy. I also saw the To Go cup card on the inside. Great work, Julie!

  2. Hi Julie, Got my copy yesterday! You are awesome. Thanks for continuously inspiring us and your sense of humor never fails to lift me up. Cheers!

  3. Congratulations, Cover Girl!! I LOVE both of your cards in this issue…and such a sweet story too!!

  4. JULIE!!!!! At my MIL’s right now, and we have that issue of PC right here on the coffee table — just showed her your card! :)


    Love it, so happy + sunny — so YOU!

    BIG HUGS!!!!!!

  5. thats our Julie, sitting on the floor at CHA taking in all the wonderful sights. Thanks so much for the smile . MaryAnn

  6. Awww, what a fun story!! :)

  7. Awwww!! Couldn’t see the picture of your card (it’s probably my computer….stupid thing!) but CONGRATS! (and what a great surprise to hear from your friend (even if she was in the bathroom cleaning….snort!)

  8. Aaaah! That’s SO great, Julie! Thanks for sharing with us :) And congrats again, on the cover! You rock, sistah!!

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