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This is now showing as today's sneak peek over at the A Muse blog!


SNAIL TRAIL!!!  Get it?!  *deep chortling*  I could not resist–it was just too poifect!   


Among these 4, 3 images are new and, well, pretty much GOBS of fun to work with.  This li'l scene just makes me smile.  I've been anxious for us to have a snail for so long, and he's so stinkin' CUTE!!!  I'm also lovin' the new 4 bar notes–especially the greeeeeeen ones!

I had fun doing Paper Tole on Snail–there are a vast number of online tutorials for Paper Tole–just do a google and they'll pop up everywhere.  Paper Tole can be rather elaborate, however.  I don't have a lot of time, so my version of it here is *very* simplified.   I stamped Snail only 3 times, once on the card, and twice on some scrap.

I didn't bother to color the one on the card front; I colored the 2nd snail on the scrap completely, then trimmed him out, minus his antenae, and then just the shell on the 3rd snail.  These two layers were 3D mounted with foam tape over the top of the one stamped directly on the card front, and that's what gives him this charming dimension.  And, of course, I had to add some sparkly stuff!  *chinkle*

It's Friday, and it has been an *uber* busy week.  I actually had a brief opportunity to enjoy some creative play time last night–keyword:  PLAY.  Sidebar:  I'm so proud of Kristina for reclaiming her play time–her joy time. (see A Change In Direction)  I've been a fan of her creative works for a long, long time, and had a chance to meet her at CHA a few weeks ago. 

Anyhoo, I have another Spring design to share that I had whoppin' good fun makin' and soon as I have some decent daylight, I'll film it, and share it.  Hopefully later today.  If you feel like comin' back.


  1. Too Cute!, I just love your sense of humor.

  2. Too Cute! – I just love your sense of humor.

  3. Cute and clever! Love it.

  4. I love the slug trail! You have such a great sense of Humor!

  5. Stinkin’ CUTE….Happy Friday!

  6. So very cute and clever, Julie!! I love your adorable dimensional snail, and the sparkle!! Love the bright green too!!

  7. Love your snail trail, Jules! Your ideas floor me!

  8. I totally *love* this Julie!! And the sentiment is perfect!! This is my favorite stamp from this release….so fun and so many possibilities :)

  9. Totally perfect!! LOVE the snail trail :)

  10. This absolutely ROCKS Julie! I love the slime trail over the words–perfection.

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