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Well, I said I'd be back.  So, I am! *chuckle* I had to watercolor this–I love watercoloring and hadn't in so long . . . I'm not particularly good at it, BUT, I am just enough to be happy with the results!  I subscribe to the Julie Ebersole watercolor painting method of "slop it a little heavy here, a bit lighter there, and leave some white space." Could it BE any easier?!! (said in my best Chandler Bing voice)  ROTFLMBO!


Isn't she sweetness???  I stamped her with chalk ink (Chestnut Roan), onto some scraps of Fabriano Mediovalis I had left from a botched project–never toss that stuff, if you can salvage any of it after a botching. *wink*


I TRIED to catch the light right, so you could see the Clear Spica sparkle on her, but, oh well . . . IRL, it's so subtle, but very pretty, and effective! 

Swing Girl (coming soon, by A Muse)  just enchants me–she's like the stuff of storybooks, I swear–so playful, *so* sweet!  I didn't put a sentiment on the card because, well, sometimes, I don't think you always really *need* a sentiment–at least not on the front.  But, you could put one inside, of course.

I bought some TINY mulberry flowers by Prima a while back–the colors were so fetching!  And, I kinda danced around when I realized they'd coordinate well, by coincidence, with this design.  I was sitting there thinkin', "Hmmmmm.  I need sumpin' there in that spot, but what . . . ?"  Purely providential, I do believe!

Such a happy little scene, full of sunshine, and blue sky!

If you have some time, I'm sure you'll enjoy blog-hoppin' the Muses' blogs (see my Muse blog roll there in the right side rail).  They have been sharing lots of cute ideas with these coming new stamps, and for sure, more sneak peeks will be poppin' up at their blogs, and at the A Muse News Blog!

Happy, happy Friday! 


  1. Julie…not sure if you remember me. My name is Heather and I used to live in Oak Harbor in 2000 – 2001. We were stationed there in the Navy. We actually met at Convention in Las Vegas and then once I came by your place in Coupeville for a visit. I was pleasantly surprised to find your blog one day. I always thought you were amazingly talented! I’m so happy for you!

  2. She is too cute! Your watercoloring really gives the card such a soft look. Very nice!

  3. This could not be any more perfect. WHATEVA- about you watercoloring- I love it! You have taken what may be my fav of the new releases to new heights- pun intended! I love everything “little girl!”

  4. Sweet is right, and I love your subtle background!! Love your stacked flowers too!! Purdy!!

  5. LOVE this card. This stamp is a definite MUST BUY for me!!

  6. Adorable! (And it looks awesome on that blue madeira background!!!)

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