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A number of folks have inquired about the availability of the carrot car, shown in this post:  Zoom, zoom, zoom!  He's featured in the A Muse Spring release, which was unveiled on Wednesday.  Zoom, zoom!   Yes, that means you can get him NOW! *chuckle*

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day–and, believe it or not, I got some Valentines made for Dave and the kidlings!  I know–don't fall down dead! *snarf*

Anyway,  wanna see? 


Hayley's Valentine:


I used some yummy scalloped velvet ribbon I bought at The Paper Tree in NH, when Linda and I were back east teaching classes last November. *SO PLUSH*   Of course, NOW, I wish I'd bought at least 5 yards, instead of only one!  ACK!  *smacks forehead*


I gussied up a natural white note card with the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug embossing folder–my fave–and everything was colored with Koh-i-Noor pencils.  Blinged it out, naturally . . .


The little heart punch outs are from a Martha Stewart multi-heart punch –last one at the rack at Michael's!   Could not believe my luck!  SCORE!!! 

Taylor's Valentine:


Taylor will prolly cringe over a PINK squirrel.  Then again, mebbe not.  He claims real men wear pink.  But I spared him the glitter treatment.


I love this very contemporary wood grain background stamp by Hero Arts, and thought it made the perfect backdrop for Squirrel!

Of course, I got the idea to color the squirrel pink in the first place from this design by my buddy Lisa!

But, I need to keep practicing; I'm still too heavy handed in my colored pencil work . . . Taylor will not notice this, however.  He'll just wonder if there's any money inside the card–typical 12 yr. old.

Dave's Valentine:


This groovy tree from the Trees 2 set is one of my absolute faves!   There's just sumpin' about it that makes me happy!  When I first got the idea to do this card for Dave, I knew I *had* to use this tree!  This tree is totally fun to color and shade with Copics–it's not too small, and yet, not so big that it takes a long time.

I cut the cloud free-hand with some shallow, longish scallop decorative scissors–Provo Craft?–and, by jove, I think they are actually called "cloud", coincidentally! 

OK, back to my brilliance in design.  *chortle* See the tick marks that indicate movement to the tree?  It actually does move:


I coiled up some wire to make a spring, and taped it to the back of the tree, and then to the card front.  When you pull it out of the envelope, or flick it with your finger, it boings around:


I'm not even gonna tell you how many shots I had to take to get a pic of the boingin' action–WITHOUT MY FINGER in the way.  ROTFLMBO!

Now, Dave will not suspect what's inside, but, if you're a fan of A Muse, I'll bet you do . . . *wink*


Yeah, those Owl Buddies never fail to CRACK me!!! *chortling*

It's a 3 day weekend–enjoy it!


  1. All your Valentine’s are fabulous!!!

  2. Oh I LOVE the pink squirrel! That’s my favorite.


  3. OMG!!!! You kill me with your brilliance!!! That owl card is sheer genious!!!

  4. all three cards are super cute – I like the squirrel one best – he’s just so darn fun and that wood background is awesome.

  5. Could these cards be any more clever???? Wonderful, one and all, though I have to admit a certain partiality to the shakin’ tree. Is a shakin’ tree anything like a rockin’ van? Or am I way too old????

  6. All I can say is WOW!! Amazing cards Julie!! :)

  7. OMG these are FABULOUS!!! I love every one!! I wish I could just borrow 10% of your creativity!!! I know where you can get some more of that fabulous ribbon (wink!);)

  8. Soooooooo cute!!!! I love all of them, each perfect in it’s own way! Happy Valentine’s Day to a real Sweetheart!

  9. Love the cards Julie. Happy Valentines Day to you…and Taylor! teehee

  10. Holy tomato! These are fabulous! Love the boingy tree. Does your creative genius ever end?

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