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The week flew by.  BLURRED by.  How does that happen?  And, why does it seem to blur even faster, the older I get? *chuckle*

I actually did get some stampin' done this week, but, alas, nothing I can share just yet.  I could just bust sometimes to share, when sumpin' turns out so purdeeee!!!  I get to bouncin' right off my stool and can only imagine how ridiculous I look!  But, that's all part of the affliction, now isn't it?!  *wink*

Stamp It 2009 has (or will soon) hit the racks!  My comp copy arrived in the snail today, and it was fun to spy a number of fab designs by girls I know, including Miss Katie, fellow A Muse Instructor!  YAY!!! 

We're permitted to post ONE of our choice, when our work appears in a CK Media pub, so this was the one I thought I'd share, since it was my favorite of the 3 that made it in:



I love sushi.  Love loVE LOVE it!  Not so much the raw octopus kind, but, the rest, oh, YUM-YUM!

The sentiment in the Sushi Set cracks me up.   Fun.  Funny.  I like that in a card. *chinkle*

This week has been . . . busy.

I think I'll go for a dip in the appletini tonight . . .

Happy weekend!


All images by A Muse Artstamps–check out Stamp It! 2009 for recipe info and instructions!

  1. Awesome! I don’t ‘do’ sushi, but i love how your fab highliting made POP right off the page! WTG!! Your cards always DELIGHT me! TY

  2. How adorable is your card! You showed that simple is better! CUTE!

  3. Fabulous!!! You do white so well. Will have to find a copy of that magazine…

  4. AAACCCKKK!! I love this!! (and this comes from a girl who does NOT like sushi!!)

  5. Oh I just love it! Great card, awesome images! Too stinkin’ cute!

  6. Congrats Julie! Love the card…can’t wait to check out the rest!

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