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Julie Ebersole: The Great Yosemite Stamp Escape 2009.

I'm excited to meet some fellow SCSers at the above event!

Updated with a group shot of the projects I have planned.  I have a feeling this is gonna be a blast!

And, I'm super excited that Dave AND Taylor wanna come with me!  Yippeeeee!!!

  1. I WISH I could join in on the fun…there are so many cute cards!! I hope you enjoy the time away from our rain and cold…and lucky that Dave and Taylor are going with you! :)

  2. your projects look so fun! wish I could transport myself to CA!

  3. Hi Julie,

    I got a sneaky peaky when I opened your e-mail to Sharon today. I love the projects. We hope to have “perfect” spring weather while you are here. Your hubby and son will have a great time, there is so much to do around here for visitors. Are you flying or driving?

    We can’t wait to meet you and I look forward to taking your class.


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