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At some point, you hit a wall, in coming up with "creative titles" for card designs–considering the volume at which we are always developing designs.  So, that's as good as it gets.  On this card.  Today.  *wink*

I love making my own patterned paper with my stamps.  I'm limited only by the range of ink colors at my disposal.  I've been collecting inks for a long time.  Looooong time.  14+ years. That's a lotta ink.  

But, it's all good.  I use 'em!  I used to think that all I needed was to find THE perfect ink.  "One Ink to rule them all." 

But, there isn't ONE ink out there that can do it all.  So, I happily continue collecting. *wink*

For this project, I wanted deep saturation of color, and an ink that would dry super-fast.  A "crisp" impression was not essential to this project, so I chose Fluid Chalk Ink.  Love that stuff.  I own almost every color they make, and generally prefer working with their Cat's Eye format of this ink.  They also make mini pads and full-size pads, but the pad construction is different on those, just so you are aware.  I like Cat's Eyes for their maneuverability and portability.  And, I think they look cute.  LOL!

As luck would have it, I found a button that coordinated perfectly.  Didn't have a stamp that said what I wanted, so I used a fine tip dark brown Pigma Micron to write it m'self.

Here in the detail photo below, I think you can better see what sets the whole design off:


The border on the patterned panel was created by edging it with 1/8" Scor-Tape, and burnishing microfine glitter into it. Hard to pick up with the camera; you gotta see it IRL to truly appreciate how beautiful the effect is.   Scor-Tape is, in a word, AWESOME.   Amazing bonding power.  You can do all kinds of stuff with this tape–it's heat resistant.  Heat actually increases it's bonding strength.  At any rate, it is most definitely the Easy Button for applying a perfect straight edge of glitter or embossing powder.  Or flock.  Or sugar beads. Or . . . you get the idea. *wink*

Lolly, is that ever *plush*!

Solid zinnia, Open zinnia, Mini Flower stamps; Latté 4 bar note card; French Roast Sheer Ribbon all by A Muse Artstamps

  1. Gorgeous floral card, Julie!! I love the colors and big button!!

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