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It's Day 1 of some sizzling summer amuse-bouche on the AMN Blog, and you can see some super CUTE designs we'll be sharing over the coming days.  Go, on!  You know you wanna see what the Muses have been up to.  –>  This way!!!

Things have been so busy–I haven't had any time to create just for sharing, but, I was able to concoct a quick morsel for today!  YAY!!! 


I wanna be there.  Don't you?  I dream of sandy beaches . . . most WA beaches are more rocky than they are sandy.  They're cool for exploring, and you can find some wicked tide pools to poke around in.   But, they're not the most comfortable for takin' a nap on a warm sunny day, if UKWIM . . . LOL!

I was a little hesitant to mat the scene with black, but, I think it made the whole thing really "POP".

I wasn't able to pick up as much of the detail in the shading when I filmed this (IRL you can see so much more, and I did put a little orange Stickles there on the lower left of Sun), but, I always get questions about shading with Copics.    I usually don't have a lot of time to crank out a card, and I'm horridly instant grat, so I *LOVE* the fact that many of our images have just enough open space to get that shading effect in easily and *very* quickly!!!   Most of the time, I only need to use two colors to get the shading I want! 

Keep in mind that I have absolutely NO formal art training.  And, I'm not an expert at any of it!!!

I now present to you Julie's no-high-level-thinking-skillzzz-involved method of Copic coloring the world: (insert very large, very cheesey grin here)

  1. What direction do I want light coming from?  On paper, I get to make the call.  LOL! *wink*  In the example above, I've determined the sun is the light source, and light is shining down towards the umbrella.  So, my shading will fall to the lower left, given that the sun is in the upper right.
  2. I pick 2 colors, one lighter, the other darker; related to each other in hues (i.e. pale red + a dark red, or a rich golden yellow + orange; in the example above, SUN:  Y17 Golden Yellow + YR16 Apricot, UMBRELLA:  R35 Coral + R29 Lipstick Red)
  3. Lay down my lightest color first, and it's OK to leave some white space (because I said so) towards the upper right (where the light source is coming from), then lay down the darker color towards the lower left of my image, where the shading and shadowing would likely be. (No, I cannot guarantee that's precisely where the shade and shadows would fall.  I do what looks good/logical/more than likely to me, and art critics need to park their snarkies at the door if they disagree.   *hair flip* )
  4. Grab the lighter color I started with, and in tight circular motions, begin blending the two colors together where they meet.  Some folks like "perfectly" smooth gradations of color when blending.  Me?  I don't really care.  Really, I don't!  I just blend until I like what I see at the time.  I'm a moody girl; mebbe tomorrow I'll want it perfectly smooth.  Then again, mebbe not. This unpredictable character trait of mine makes life such a thrill, eh?!  BAH HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Mess around with it.  You won't know what you'll get until you do. *wink*
I'm for realzzzz gonna have a sun-sational day because Mr. Blue Sky is here on The Rock! 

Hope you do, too!


P.S.  The Sky Blue Petite Gingham is bomb-alicious

All stamp images and patterned papers by A Muse Artstamps

  1. This is so cute, Julie!

  2. I forgot to comment on this yesterday, but this one is just BRILLIANT! Seriously, I wish I could spend time watching you work.

  3. Love how you used the umbrella!!! Great colouring too… you rock!

  4. Yeah, that’s for sure not any beach around here but I’d love to go wherever that’s at!

  5. Wowie! I LOVE the coloring on this card. It makes me so happy!

  6. Ok… were you sipping on something that ends in “-tini” while writing this post???? Lost the jigger again? You are too funny!

    Oh yeah, and the card is cute too! :) I never saw the umbrella being in the sand, didn’t enter into my brain, but it’s perfect there! Too clever.

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