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Here's a tasty tidbit featuring our coming new Hippo (coming May 27)!  He's just so darn cute I can hardly stand it!   Our new Petite Gingham paper (coming May 27) is especially fun to work with–this design features Grass green!  You're already seen the Blue, Blueberry, and Yellow, right? 

So, you've figured out what the message in this rebus is, right?! *wink*

The Muses are just bustin' out so many fun creations with this coming release!  I have been marveling at their designs!  Here's a few more of my amuse-bouche that have been displayed the last few days on the AMN blog:


The one on the left features a fun new Palm Tree, and the one on the right, a rippin' Surfboard, and Sun!

And today's, which happens to be NOT a card!  *chuckle*:

Arrrrrr–Are you ready, kids? (I happen to love Sponge Bob, and I make no apologies for it)


  Avast, mateys!!! Arrrrrr!!!  Thar be more pirates sailin' the high seas!  Cast your spyglass HERE!



All stamp images & patterned papers, note cards, and ribbon are by A Muse Artstamps

  1. TOOOOO clever! You are an amazing genius mind you are!! :D Love all of these eye candies!! TFS!

  2. So cute, the rebus card is just gorgeous !!

  3. Cute, cute cards. I have to have the hippo stamp. My daughter loves hippo’s and up until now there have not been cute hipppo stamps. Thanks for sharing your creative talent with us.

  4. i love that rebus–brilliant and way cute, too!!

  5. That rebus card is fab! I think your flip flop card is my fave!!!

  6. you are a cleva’, cleva’ girlie!! thank god you’re here:D

  7. Ohhhhhhh……who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Julie Square Pants! ha ha ha. Hey Julie…wanna come out & play? LMBO!!!!

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