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It's a gorgeous, sunny day, and I'm headed to beautiful and super fun Granville Island for 2 days of rubbah fun!!!  YIPPEEEEEEE!!!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. Dear Julie,

    I am changing my blog and would like to make a list of blogs I like to visit. Would it be okay if I added a link to your blog from mine?

  2. Wow! Does this look like fun or what!!!

  3. Well I’m not even sure where Granville Island might be, but it certainly sounds fabulous! Savor all you can!


  4. Have a fun trip Julie! Granville Island is a fun place, isnt it. I visited there once years ago … gosh, I think it was 1990 when I was there … oh time does fly!

  5. Have a great trip Julie – good luck :)

  6. Have fun! Be safe!

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