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Summer amuse-bouche – A Muse Lounge.

The Muses have been bustin' out designs for the last 5 days that have had me bouncin' right off m' chair!  So fresh, fun, and inspiring!  We created a one-stop-link-spot in the Lounge, to make it easy for folks to see *everything* they've shared!  They're so awesome!

Our new Summer Release has just been unveiled on the A Muse website!

I designed a super fun printable box template that, among other things, makes a great pirate treasure chest!

I'm so ready for school to be out, backyard BBQs, and loads of sunshine!

Gosh, I love summer!  How 'bout you?


  1. Thanks Julie I am checking them out now! Love all the wonderful creations you have been making with the new goodies!

  2. Julie I really like your treasure box

  3. Hey, Cookie! Click on “products” on the nav bar along the top of the home page, and it’ll show you the new Summer stamps. If you click on “What’s new”, it’ll show *everything* new that’s been added to the webstore, but, in a list type format.

  4. Hey Julie!
    Thanks for the heads up on the releases…Is there a place you can go on the A Muse site when it will take me right to the new stamps? Thanks! Cookie :)

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