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Raya, owner of I'm Impressed, organized a fabulous Stamp Out Breast Cancer event!  We got these super fun flip flops when we first arrived.  Raya is a fun gal–I will always think of her when I wear 'em!   I flopped down on the bed and flipped my feet in the air to take this shot cuz the tile flooring and little area rug were much too distracting a background to show 'em off.  LOL!

In support of a most excellent cause, I hope this event continues to grow even bigger and better each year!!!

Eleonor, Raya, me, and Consuelo

Consuelo is a survivor herself–my MIL is, too!  Remember to take care of yourselves, my women friends and get checked REGULARLY!!!



A few pics from the classes!  Look how industrious these chicks all are!  YAY!!!

Teresa and Olivia are always there to encourage my rogue stamper tendencies . . . LOL!


This was the view at dusk outside my window–so pretty!  I could smell all the yummy stuff they were servin' out on the restaurant's deck area and hear glasses clinkin' among the laughter of folks enjoying dinner.



I'm all about the food.  Always.  Every trip I take, I'm all about the food.  Luckily for me, Eleonor is, too!!!  ROTFLMBO!!!!!!  Some ladies at another table were probably baffled at how much fun we had taking PICS of the food before we dug in.  But, we didn't care!  And, these food shots are actually Eleonor's–she sent 'em to me to share.  I think she could be a photographer for one of those foody mags!!!  Girl's got skillzzzzz.  Well, and a most excellent camera, too.  Dang.  Must get me a magic camera like that.


Last, but certainly not least, we *had* to have some girly 'tinis!  Eleonor had a raspberry sumpin' sumpin' and I had a blueberry sumpin' sumpin', and they were so de•lish!!!

Just wanted to share some of the fun, some of the lovely people I got to meet and super sweet friends I got to see once again–always GOOD TIMES!!!

Janet, thank you for the truffles–they are *so* yummy!   The boys saw the box  . . . so, I had to share.  *curses*  But, that's prolly a good thing for my butt.  BAH HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!


  1. Fun flip flops! Looks like a great event and a really fun time!

  2. Love your blog and you inspire me so much. I have an award (Honest Scrap) on my blog for you.

  3. Very cool!!! We did a blog hop today with the sets you got (I think). Hope you all had a good time and if you have time before tomorrow night join in the challenge we have going on.

  4. Those are some fun flip flops, Julie!! It looks like a wonderful time!! Thanks for sharin’!!

  5. Loved your post! Perfect timing…I have bc surgery 6/15…Keep checkin’ yourselves girlies!!!

  6. Julie, you are crackin’ me up today! Those flip flops are da bomb!

  7. Hi Julie, I really enjoyed the classes. Wish you would considered moving here in Vancouver – you are so much fun! I was so inspired after my Amuse classes that my hubbie barely saw me for 2 days!!! I love my rubbers, specially my Amuse ones!

  8. Hey, Julie, I love your flip flops! And I had a great time in your class. I’m showing off the cards I made and telling everyone about being your assistant – the most I could do was buy a stamp set!! You’re too good. But it was great to meet you :)

  9. Love this!! My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before yesterday. I am currently scared out of my mind and hopeful all at once.

    This might be WAY too much to ask of someone as amazing and big time as you are, but I am asking everyone I can find to send my mom a card to boost her spirits. She will have surgery next week or the week after. Anyways, if you would be willing to send a card, please email me and I will get you her address. And if you can’t, I totally understand how busy her rubber royalty is :)

    My email is…without the space

    keri-anne @ msn.com

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