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What would you want to tell your 16 year old self if you could?
Submitted by Bea.

LOL!  What most of us often don't realize when we're 46 . . . "Don't blink!"

The balance has tipped way too far to the work side of (my) life of late, and it's a bad habit you can fall into all too easily.

And, I blink, and a week, a month, 3 months have gone by . . . and now my nearly 20 yr. old is engaged . . .

No . . . don't blink.


  1. Oh boy Julie!

  2. Oh me too Jill! Listen more than you talk!

    Don’t sweat who likes you or doesn’t like you. Be nice and enjoy this time. It’s gone so soon and then you’ll have to be all grown up and responsible.

  3. Wonderful advice…and timely for me with mine still so young.

  4. Absolutely spot on great advice, Julie!

    I would say for me it would be EDIT yourself. Too often the words fall out of my mouth before my brain is in gear! You can’t take them back once they’re said!


  5. LOL… great advice!
    I’d tell myself to shut up and LISTEN… didn’t do enough of that when I was 16 :)

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