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Are you going to Summer CHA in Orlando?  I am not.  Which is totally fine, cuz I become Miss Crabby Poo-poo Pants in the heat.  <—Julie, in high temps + humidity

Anyhoo, if you'll be attending the show, and get a chance to slither up close and personal with this gizmo, I'd *love* to hear what you learn about it.

As I said, I am intrigued.    Highly intrigued! 


  1. Oh, sure, thanks for adding something to my possible wish list. This is why I should stay off-line. Smiles!

  2. This looks pretty great!

  3. Looks very interesting. I’ll find out more for ya from my Xyron guy. I wonder if you can cut/emboss without applying laminate/adhesive?

  4. Oh great! And I just spent a fortune on Spellbinders (and I already had the Cricut)! Well, now I need to know too! Thanks for the tease.

  5. I’ve had my eye on some “sticker” machines and have even convinced DH he needs one for his model cars….NOW I have to wait and see what this is all about!

  6. Interesting! Ha ha… just what I need! Another machine sitting on my craft table. I’m not going to have any room left to stamp!!

  7. That does look interesting! When I visited their booth in winter, they said there was something “big” coming, but didn’t have anything else they could say about it…

  8. hmmm… now me too!

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