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Past Trends You Find Silly NOW :) – Splitcoaststampers.com.

Dang–fun walk down memory lane, eh?!  I was bustin'!!!

I listed:

  • Those "hairy" Fun Fibers
  • Colored wire things shaped on a jig (remember that stuff?  sheesh; everything I made looked lame and totally warped–ack!)
  • Dew Drops (They're pretty, and I like them, but, I just don't like using them on a card because they're too bulky to mail in a regular envy)

I still say, "Long live":

  • Eyelets (not the weird shaped ones–except for daisies.  I like daisy shaped eyelets)
  • Decorative Scissors (the classic ones, not the weird funky ones)

What are yours?


  1. You posted on the thread that you had found cool ways to use mulberry paper but when folks asked for details, I didn’t see any reply from you. Can you show some links to your cards that used mulberry paper?

  2. hahaha! i recently got some of those hairy fibers and dew drops recently…cuz i though….oh, NEVER seen these before! LOL! But I did have an embarassing raffia kick!


  3. Embossing powder! Don’t think I’ve dusted off that heat gun for nearly 5 years or so!!!! Just don’t like the look anymore.

  4. I’m lookin’ for some laughs…so I’ll be checking this one out. Thanks, Julie!

  5. Those deco staples with that big stapler..what was I thinking? And all those gooey radiant pearls. Never ever try to take my scissors away though..love my black bladed CutterBee’s…

  6. So funny :) I’m a bit embarrassed at all the raphia I used to use on cards. I also now cringe at some of my earliest cards where I had to create my own background because patterned paper didn’t exist (pre-scrapbooking). It all looks so archaic now! :)

  7. Thanks Julie. Too funny! OK, so I can throw away those furry fibres now? And the wire jig? But I just bought another pair of decorative scissors, so I’m with you on that one.

  8. DEW DROPS??!?! What are you trying to do? Kill me?!? I have about 300 of them sitting right next to my keyboard. Seriously though, I do.

    I think I’d be too embarrassed to look at my past scrapbooks. I was ADDICTED to stickers.

  9. I’m so glad you got a good laugh from the thread! I always check back everyday to see everyone’s confessions ;) You go head with yo bad self and your scissors! We’re just haters bc we can’t cut in a straight line ;)

  10. I agree on the fibers. Luckily, I didn’t buy much. I still can’t cut straight with the decorative scissors though. And think staples do not belong on cards…except in rare, life threatening circumstances…

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