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Got back recently from teaching down at Stephanie's Paper Garden in Sacramento!  GOOD TIMES!!  Ken got some great shots–check it out!!!  Sacramento folks are so lucky to have such a fabulous store in their area, and Stephanie and her staff are da' BOMBS!!!

I'll be down in San Diego teaching this September at Paper Tales!  Stay tuned for more deets!

I *wish* I had something artsy fartsy to share, but, I've had a number of other things taking up a lot of time before and after I got back.  Eventually, I will have some play time again! *grin*

It's all good–the things that have kept me hunkered down.  I'm gonna take a deep breath, and continue knockin' these tasks off my list.  Or, heavily medicate.   BAH HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!  Kidding!

At the end of this month I get to road trip with my cousin Janice, down to Redding, CA to spend some girly time with more cousins.  Little do they know, I have some stamping projects up my sleeve for 'em!  Heh, heh, heh!  That'll be fun and a nice little vacay!

I haven't been to see the new Harry Potter movie yet–I really want to.  Have you seen it?  Don't reveal anything–just tell me if it's as good as we've all anticipated it would be. *wink*

Hayley turned 20 while I was down in Sacramento last weekend; we're celebrating tomorrow night.  Olive Garden is her favorite. I wonder if it has anything to do with that Italian boy she's engaged to. *chuckle*  Naaaaah–she's always liked OG.  Girl has good taste. Spendy, but good.  *more chuckling*

Have I mentioned my daughter's engaged?  Looks to be next July (2010).  We're planning an outdoor wedding–crazy I know, living here on The Rock, land of the most unpredictable weather.   So much to do.  She has asked me to make her wedding invitations.  I'm really thrilled, but, nervous, too; I mean, this is her wedding we're talkin' about, UKWIM?

Michaels' in the Navy.  An Airman.  He works on those scrambler jets, on the flight deck of those mondo aircraft carriers.  He's from Boston–has a lovely accent, which he tries to hide.  He seems to like my cole slaw and happily eats anything and everthing I serve up for dinner . . . even if I didn't make it from scratch.  Smart kid!  I guess we'll keep him. *wink*

Taylor's been dog-sitting for some friends.  I am so not ready for a dog.  But, I must admit she's awful cute.   She's a Keeshond.  She hasn't barked once!  She likes table scraps, and Taylor's having a ball doting over her.   He fed her a hot dog, tho, and she farted.  *giggle*  For some reason, this surprised Taylor.  *more giggling*  It's a good learning experience for him, right?  Mebbe for me, too . . . eep!

Dave's had success crabbing–good groceries, I tell ya'! 

Maybe after we ship Taylor off to basketball camp this weekend, I'll get a chance to mess around in the studio, and have sumpin' to share!  Meantime, I hope summer is being good to you, with lots of sunshine, and fun times!


  1. Busy times for sure…whew!! Happy belated birthday to Hayley!! I know the wedding plans will be keeping you extra busy, but I hope you are able to enjoy these very special moments together! Hugs!!

  2. What a nice treat to come here and read your newsy blog entry, Julie. I sure wish I lived closer to you and could come to some of your classes and meet you. I miss you at SCS, so it’s nice having your blog to visit and see your smiling face, as well as enjoy your talent and wonderful sense of humor!

  3. Redding in July/August??? Are you crazy??? HOTHOTHOT!!! shsessh!!! I’m sorry I missed you in Sacramento. Maybe you will come back soon? You better get busy on those invites!! Time will fly by FAST!! :)
    Enjoy your crab!!! You are sooo lucky!!! Fresh Caught Crab!!

  4. Oh oh Julie, a boy from Boston! Has he made the switch from Dunky’s to Starbucks? That should be the test! Congratulations to Hayley & Michael (and Mom & Dad!). Enjoy this next year..it’s gonna fly!

  5. This post was like sitting down and having a little chat with you – so entertaining and fun! Wish it could be done in person, though. I am eager to see what you’re cooking up (re: Twitter feeds and stamps. so excited to see that!!!!). Have a wonderful weekend, Julie>

  6. So much going on Julie! I’m tired just reading about it all. I would love to see you at Paper Tales. I live in South Orange County and have gone on a stamp trip, I mean on a trip to visit my sister, and visited some stamp stores in San Diego. She was very tolerant of me that day. :)

  7. My MIL used to raise Keeshonds. I love them, they are so pretty. They are pretty hairy, too. Gotta keep them brushed! Whatever Taylor does….do NOT let him feed her French Toast or anything with eggs in it for that matter. He will NOT like those farts, I guarantee!!! hahaha….I’m not kidding.

  8. You need to slow down just a little, my friend! Enjoy some crabs for me, hug Hayley a happy birthday (and hey, hug Boston, too! Love that accent!), and hope Taylor does great at BBall camp. Hugs to you and Mr. E, too! Miss y’all bunches. I’d go see HP with you. . . we just got home from watching and will go back on Saturday with my nephew. You’ll enjoy . . . I did crack up at the hormones, though! :)

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