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SNEAK PEEK:  She's just too stinkin' CUTE, sunnin' herself on that rock out there in the middle of the deep blue sea!  I love mermaids!  Prolly cuz Hayley was so enchanted with the Little Mermaid when she was just 3!  I think this one, from the Mandy's World release which was illustrated by our own Amanda, who works at A Muse HQ, is just fin-tastic! *grin*

Even tho I took this shot in a hurry and you can't see it that well, I put a LOT of sparklies on this one, true to the sentiment!  I'll hafta send this to my girl; she'll get a kick out of it!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Mandy's World cuteness over the coming days!


  1. i love this julie!! so bright and clean!

  2. Just perfect and cute!! I don’t know how you do it, all your cards have such a perfect/professional feel to them! They don’t look handmade!!! :D (Not that hand made is bad, it’s just amazing how perfect your cards look!) I guess that’s why you’re the Queen, HRR!!

  3. Oh, this is FUN!! I don’t do a lot of fun happy cards. I need to try at least one!!!

  4. Julie! This is FIN-tastic for sure! :)

  5. This couldn’t be cuter! Luv it!

  6. I love the sweet innocence of this card. Just adorable.

  7. Is Mandy part of an acrylic set?

  8. That sparkle is perfect with this little mermaid!

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