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I hadn't spied the quail in a few years, but, a family of them showed up in our back yard yesterday, as I was preparing dinner.  I ran and got my camera . . .


Papa Quail perched on an old fence post, standing guard over his brood . . .


I didn't get a great shot of Mama . . . The Babies were difficult to see in the grass, too, cuz they were so TINY!!!  But, so CUTE!!!


Something disturbed Papa Quail, and he started making all kinds of warning squawking noises!  Papa Quail is at DEFCON 5.

And, this is why . . .


Oooh!  Neighborhood "wild" kitty scared the dickens out of 'em!!!

Geeze, I'd be askeered, too!!!  He's got a SNAKE!!!




  1. Great pictures, Julie! I envy you being able to see quail!

    Think your kitty is a “she” though…since tricolors are *very* rarely “he’s”. I won’t get into the genetics!

  2. Great photos – awesome cat!!

  3. omg! love the pic of the kitty with the snake… ;)

  4. ok, that’s just hilarious! What a fabulous set of adventures you were able to peek in on.

  5. Wonderful pics, Julie! ;-) I need that cat at my house!

  6. Okay WHAT????? there are BLUE quail?? CAN YOU SAY STAMPING OPPORTUNITY FOR ME??

    And i’m skrd of your badass cat.

  7. Great photos, Julie. Thanks for sharing. I love the quail family! And that kitty is just doin’ his job. We live in the country and with outside cats we rarely, if ever, see a snake in our yard!

  8. Wow fabulous photo’s. The Quail are just charming and that cat is amazing. I’m not scared of snakes unless “startled” by them.

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