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Paper Trufflez: "Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, c'mon!".

As an island girl, I REALLY appreciate your coloring!!! What colors did you use for her skin? I LOVE IT!–Tiffany

Hey, Tiffany!  I'm a Pacific Islander, too  –well, half (Filipino), anyway! *grin* I used E13 Light Suntan on Hawaiian girl.  I think I also colored over her twice to deepen the tone a little more.

Do you shake Appletinis?–Melissa

Yes!  Over ice.  In a martini shaker.   I also keep my apple flavored vodka in the freezer–won't freeze, but helps keep the drink nice and cold. 

Hey Julie, I was just at The Paper Garden . . .  I snatched up the Hula Girl right away. Couldn't resist . . . You don't see too many blonde hula girls in Hawaii!–Betty

*chuckle*  That is all too true, Betty!  Have fun with her!  Would love to see what you design with her when you get a chance!

Julie, you have the best smilies/emoticons I've ever seen! Where do you get them?–Nancy

Hey, Nancy! I love the smilies from Millan!  They are so fun!  I'm a paid subscriber so I have access to ALL the smilies and animations there
, but, there are plenty of free ones, as well.


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  1. THanks for the shout out!!! I need more tan images ;) In fact, I’m a little pale myself for an island girl! Ya think I could take E13 twice over my skin to make ME darker!

    Oh, and my 3 year old LOVES your blog…you just might make me a paid subscriber to Millan ;) Have a happy Sunday!

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