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I made this little cutie before heading down to Redding, but, the pic I took was lousy, as I was in a hurry to get on the road and already running late (story of my life . . . running so far behind I can see my butt up ahead *sigh*).

So, I tried this morning with my new camera.  I need to practice, and learn a lot more about settings, and whatnot.  A LOT.  I don't like how this shot turned out, but it was the best of about 15 shots.  eep!  As I learn and practice more, I will improve.  Right?  Right???!!!!!   This is how one becomes skilled–practice, practice, practice! (cracking self-imposed whip)

This li'l Hula Girl reminds me of my niece, Piper, who is ridiculously cute, and so full of personality!  I will be sending this to her.  And, I've got other ideas for using "what's shakin'?", too!  *chortle*

The raffia.  Well, raffia has kinda gotten a bad rap and considered to be outdated, I guess . . . I still use it, and like it, tho–just needs the *right* kinda project!   I think it works well here because it makes me think of the grass skirts I used to wear when I had hula lessons as a kidling.  It "fits"! *grin*

Aloha Friday! 


  1. It’s silly to discount a product just because it’s “out of style”! Raffia is PERFECT for your card…just the right touch of “atmosphere” LOL!

    As always, your card made me smile with delight!

  2. As an island girl, I REALLY appreciate your coloring!!! What colors did you use for her skin? I LOVE IT!

  3. This is so adorable…and I happen to think the raffia is a *perfect* touch!!

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