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LOL!  I'll bet this did not spook you 'cuz he's too cute to spook!! LOL!

Geeze, I love my circle punches.  I have 'em in *almost* every size!  I need to find a 2", and a 7/8" and my collection will then be complete. *grin*  Don't get me wrong–I love my circle dies, and circle cutter, BUT, punches are FAST, and no shape more versatile that I know of, than a circle, UKWIM?

Dunno if you can tell that the pumpkin has been glitterfied to the nines, with a glorious abundance of Doodlebug Tangerine.

And, there is a Black Twinkle Sticker on the li'l guy's nose, too!  I am LOVIN' the Black Twinkles–can't get enough of those things!  Hmmmm, I wonder if I could convince Linda that we do 6 x 12" packages of 'em . . . ya' know, "super size" 'em?  *chuckle*  I'm terrible.  When there's an embellishment I'm particularly fond of, the horder in me wants to get hundreds of 'em in one fell swoop.

Hmmm . . . circle punches in every size, abundance of glitter, hundreds of Black Twinkles . . . I sense a pattern here . . .

Hope you have a fab day–today is my kid's first football game and I'm so nervous.   I'm hoping to get some good action shots of him and hopefully, being preoccupied by that will not make me bolt out onto the field when he's tackled for the first time in front of my eyes.  I forgot to have a talk with him about "the signal":  show me a sign when you're laying all crumpled on the field that tells me you're OK.  Or, I will launch like a rocket out there, much to your mortification if you are indeed OK.

Thanks, all you football mamas that shared your experiences.  It was comforting to me! 

This reminds me of a story about Hayley . . . You're in the mood for a story, right?  It's Thursday so what the hey, eh?! *wink*

Her 8th grade year, basketball.  The opponent she is guarding deliberately smashed the ball into her face! The loud CRACKING noise had even the Athletic Director, closer to her, down on the floor, thinkin' it had broken her nose!    I jumped up, and Dave didn't move.  Grabbed my arm and out of the side of his mouth said, "Sit down."  I did . . . slowly . . .

Hayley's one tough kid; she got back up, with that look in her eye.  You know that look.  It's one of steely determination.  One of, "You pull that again, and I'll put you down."

The game went on, and as Hayley goes flying after a ball headed for outta' bonds, she hits the bleachers, hard.  I jumped up, and Dave didn't move.  Grabbed my arm and out of the side of his mouth said, "Sit down."  I did . . . quickly this time.

The game is now under the far hoop, with Hayley and a teammate going up for a rebound.  Arms everywhere, tangled.  And, when they come down, they land on the floor . . . along with a piercing shriek.

I kept my butt glued to the bleacher this time, eyes riveted on the heap of girls . . . desperately fighting the impulse to launch.

Dave turns to me . . . "Get the car."

She had dislocated her shoulder.  We became rather familiar with the ER during the course of Hayley's high school athletics . . . *chuckle*

Card Info:
Stamps [Pumpkin Mouse, "Boo"], Blackberry Note card, Orange Polka Dot Ribbon, Black Twinkle Stickers all by A Muse Artstamps
Copic Markers:  Warm Grey No. 2, Golden Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Apricot
Doodlebug Design Tangerine Sugar Coating (glitter)
Circle Punches:  Various sizes, all by EK Success
Scallop Circle Punch 2" by EK Success

  1. I also know about that cardinal rule for Moms to stay in the seat, but when my child turns for me…I was there every single time and if ER was needed, to the ER we went! You are a great storyteller and love that cute card to boot!

  2. Good for you! only 3 times up and down!!??!!
    Cute card!! Love the twinkles on the nose!!

  3. Fun card, funny stories! Have fun at the game!

  4. Can’t wait to see the pic’s of the football game! Much creative cuteness in your little pumpkin mouse – love his twinkle nose..

  5. Oh, I remember when you used to tell us those stories about Hayley back then, I can’t believed , she’s getting married ;o)!!!
    Thanks for sharing your artwork ideas and all!!! Taza

  6. Yep…cardinal rule of a sports mom – stay in your seat unless the coach calls you over. Been there, done that many times – thankfully I never had a trip to the ER!

  7. CUTE!! LOVE the circles and sparkly pumpkin!

  8. I’m always in the mood for your stories!

  9. Simply ADORABLE!! :)

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