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One of my all time favorite expressions, I must admit and so fun to now have it in rubbaaaaaah!  Just makes me grin!

The Pumpkin Basket has old school flair, and was colored in with a deeper shade of orange.  I highlighted all his facial details with Martha Stewart Black Glitter–LOVE LOVE LOVE that glitter!

Something about the Fern green note card punched the design up in a way I didn't really think it would; initially I resisted going green.  It looked great without the glitter, too, and then I thought it would be fun to add "just one more touch".  That's dangerous, as you know . . . cuz it's so easy to go too far, and then you're back to square one, and I *hate* when that happens! 

But, gee, took some chances, and I liked what I got!  Anyhoo, I think it'd be easy enough to bust this card out in about 10 min. max, if that.  Booyaaaaaah!!!  *chortle*

If you've been playing with any of our new Halloween images, I would love to see what you are doing!  Do you have a favorite?

I can't believe it's September all ready–summer flew by waaaay too fast, and I didn't do even a fraction of the things I was hoping to.  Today was the first day of school for Taylor . . . he has his first football game this week, too . . . I'm prolly gonna FREAK OUT when he gets tackled . . . ack!  Football player mamas, if you have any good bits of advice, I'm all ears . . .


  1. So very cute! I love it!!

  2. Super cute card, Julie!

  3. Such a cute card Julie! Love that little pumpkin basket it looks so nice w/the candy corn background.
    So my son began playing football when he was 8 and continued in high school. It is such a fun sport and yes, there are tackles…the only advise…resist all urges to run out on the field…he’s probably just winded..Have fun!!!
    Darling profile pic’s BTY!

  4. Cute card!!! No advice on the football thingie; my boy played it safe in the marching band. :-)

  5. This is adorable! Love the colors. Your new pix is great too!

  6. I dont know if my post went thru so I am going to try again…I LOVE your card its so CUTE! I am working on Halloween cards inbetween looking at my favorite sites one of which is YOURS! I wanted to tell you too that I LOVE your new pic…Your so pretty! Cookie :D Sorry if I posted twice…

  7. I’ve got no advise! I am in the same shoes as you, my boy has his first game this weekend and I am not looking forward to it. He is my heart of gold kid and I am not looking forward to him getting tackled. We’ll just have to pull out our big girl panties, lol.

  8. This is so CUTE!! I am working on Halloween cards inbetween surfing my favorite sites one of which is YOURS! I also have to tell you I LOVE your new pic! You look very pretty! Cookie :D

  9. See, now, I never freaked out about the tackling thing from the beginning. Just remember he’s gotta meet the hit with force and he’s all padded up. Yeah, he’s gonna get all bruised up, especially if he’s on the line, but those are MAN bruises, baby! My boy says it doesn’t hurt much.

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