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Sometimes, I just like orange and black.  OK, and a smidge of lime.  Just a smidge. *grin*

I love our new Lime Twinkle Stickers because they are of a hue that also works just as well in a more subdued celery green color palette, too!  They're so keen accenting Black Cat's eyes here.

Taking a cue from the wording in "Witches riding", all I did was stamp everything with black ink onto Paprika, and then punched or trimmed it out in a square.  Sanded the edges vigorously with a sanding cube and slapped everything down speedy quick onto a Slate note card, with a band of Sheer Orange Polka Dot ribbon, and that was it!!!

It went so fast, I kinda stopped short; normally a design doesn't just fall into place that quickly!  LOL!

The squares are not "uniform" in size, and they're not perfectly aligned, and yet it works very effectively because the visual balance is very pleasing and natural.

If you're interested in learning more about design principles in card-making, I am repeat teaching an online course over at My Creative Classroom, called "Simply Great Card Design".    It's a lot of fun, and you may find the topics helpful the next time you sit down to create a card.  Mebbe I'll see you in class!



  1. I absolutely love this card, Julie!! Awesome!

  2. Ooh, I liked the way you used the Twinkle stickers for eyes!!! That could be fun in red too.

  3. SO cute!! I love this!!!

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