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This is another of the store sample prototypes I designed.  Seriously, isn't it fun?!!! *chortle*  What I really love, too, is that Bella and Edward are teenagers–so, they could be used in any scenic card you needed a cute girl and/or guy, UKWIM?

Hayley and I were arguing over the color of Bella's Truck, tho.  I thought it was red, and she claimed it was orange.  And, of course, I don't have the books to go check; she took 'em all back, dagnabbit!!!  LOL!  But, in the movie it looks red . . . Of course, I'm an old fart, who should be wearing bi-focals and stubbornly refusing . . . ROTFLMBO!  So, what do I know?!

You can't see it in the pic, but Edward has Clear Spica all over him so he sparkles, of course. *more deep chortling*

I just grin every time I look at this.  "Bite me!" . . . ROTFLMBO!  Gotta make a card just featuring that line cuz it's just *too* good!!!

Can't wait for the New Moon movie to come out, either!  BUT, no way will my hubs go with me to the cinema to see it.  Pooh.  Mebbe Taylor will go with me–he's into Vamps!  He's totally my Harry Potter movie pal–he won't leave me hangin'. 

And, hey, guess what?  I illustrated one of the stamps in the Halloween release!   Can you guess which one?

Happy whatever today is! *wink*


  1. I love the illustrations! I didn’t know you designed! Wow! Looking forward to seeing a collection from you!

  2. These are fun! I didn’t know if you liked Twilight, now I do. I’m planning to go see New Moon at midnight.

  3. Dani, I’d love to see what you create with ‘em, so be sure to come back with a link to your design, OK?! *giddy*

  4. I love the Twilight stamps! I so have to get them for TwilightTuesday.com!!

  5. Very cute!!!! Ironically enough, I just popped into my LSS today and saw this card and the Witch and Wolf one :-) I always wonder when I see the samples who did them and know I know!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ok, that’s a CLASSIC Twilight card :) I love how you did the dirt on the ground.

  7. They’re brand new, Pixie! We just released them with our Halloween images! :)

  8. This is so fun Julie! I love it!

  9. OKay, SO FUN!!! Didn’t even know Amuse had a Bella and Edward! Where have I been!?!?!

  10. This is fabulous! Nice work!

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