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What can I say?  I seriously crack myself sometimes!!!

This was ridiculously fun!  My Slice is getting a serious work-out, but, it's all good!  When I first got it, I started second guessing myself as I pet it in the car on the way home . . . What have I got myself into?

Never thought I'd really end up getting any electronic die cutter at all, altho I've always found them intriguing . . . I have a habit of talking myself OUT of lots of gizmos and gadgets . . . But, I must admit, I love it.  Never woulda' thunk that.  I generally shy away from most electronic tools . . .

I just may have to convince Dave that we *need* a generator, in case the power goes out this winter . . . *chuckle*


Card Info:
Stamps [Ghost, "Ghoulish Greetings"] by A Muse Artstamps
Slate 4 bar note card by A Muse
Fern Polka Dot Sheer Ribbon by A Muse
Spellbound Slice Design Card by Making Memories
Tag Punch by Martha Stewart

  1. I have so enjoyed all of your cards this week. It is great how your sense of humor comes through each of your cards. Thanks!

  2. I am loving all your fab Halloween cards! Hugs!

  3. just make sure you keep her fully charged! :)

  4. This is totally adorable! Makes me want to break out the slice tonight!

  5. You’re crackin’ me up. I knew you’d love it. (And now I NEED to play more today!)

  6. Cute!! My Slice has been sent back for repair. Hope I get it back soon!

  7. LOL!!! This totally cracked me up! Those ghosts looking like they are flying out of the Pumpkins mouth! LOL!!! LOVE IT!

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