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Doncha' just love m' new blog banner?  *snarf*  Yeah, still haven't had time to make a new one myself.  So, I'm messin' with the Typepad stock ones.  I loved the idea of the other Typepad one I was using for a while, but, it was too dark!  I'm not dark.  I mean, as a person, I'm not dark.  I mean, my personality is not dark.  Kept feeling like I was blogging from a cave or sumpin', UKWIM?

So, I've been hunkered all week . . .


. . . *crazy* busy    prepping my holiday classes for this weekend.  So looking forward to seeing all the gals at Precious Memories–GOOD TIMES!!!

Hoping to have more time next week to stamp some stuff I can share here at Paper Trufflez–I've had some lovely ideas rolling around in my head, but had to bonk m'self  to stay focused on prepping–I am easily derailed (distracted), I'm afraid:


And, thaaaar she goes . . .

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Love the card…great idea for the pearls! Hope your classes were great!

  2. You are so cute! I love this ‘peek’. I really wish I lived closer so I could take a Julie class!


  3. I usually read your blog in google reader- had to check out the blog with the *snarf*! :) I like it!

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