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A Muse News: Day 2: Fast & Fabulous Holiday Cards

Linda featured some great photo cards last week on the AMN blog, and this week, she's got "fast & fabulous". It's so fun to see what everybody else made, and I'm rolling because neither of us had a clue what the other was doing, but Katie and I were apparently on a very similar wave length! Check it out!

This is the one I did:


I really, REALLY like that Leaf Frond.  Can you tell?! 


  1. Yes, I can tell! This is so bright and fresh!

  2. Love it, Julie! And it’s funny because I don’t think I’ve ever used black on a holiday card before – hee!

  3. Your card is definitely fabulous! I love it!

  4. How merry and bright! Love the simplicity too!

  5. So simple and elegant! Gorgeous!

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