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I was listening on the radio as I drove my son to school this morning.  We begin a new decade next month!  I knew this.  I did.  I just didn't really think about it that much.  Of course, there's LOTS I don't think about much;  I'm not a deep person.  Well, I take that back.  I FEEL things deeply, but, I don't think deeply.  Guess that makes me shallow.   *chortle*

But, I digress . . . (I'm easily distracted)

Anyway, on the radio they mentioned that 10 things have become obsolete in this current decade, and odd bits of trivia like that always intrigue me.  Why, I have no idea.  But, there it is.

Mebbe you already know what these 10 things are, but for those that don't, here's what they listed on the radio:

  1. Floppy disks
  2. Rolodex
  3. Fold-able maps
  4. Incandescent light bulbs (this one is under debate . . . I suppose you could substitute cassette tapes in its place, LOL!)
  5. Telephone books
  6. Smoking in bars
  7. Cathode ray tube TVs
  8. Fax machine
  9. Lick-able postage stamps
  10. Answering machine

Not the most "fascinating" trivia, I suppose.  But, the kind that made me go, "Hehhhh!"


  1. Lickable stamps?? Really? I did not notice they were gone until I read this post. I’m so observant!

  2. I still use a lot of those also. Enlighten me – what has replaced the fax machine??? :)

  3. Why oh why do these people keep delivering these Big & Fat phone books!? Didn’t they get the memo? heehee

  4. Not sure where that list maker lives, I still use a fax and answering machine everyday, and my Rolodex is still used too. I have been lead down the wrong road more than once on a GPS, I still prefer paper maps. Guess I am a dinosaur, I don’t text either!

  5. Oh, dear. I still use 6 of those. Does that make me obsolete?

  6. Interesting list. Some things are still so viable.
    I love maps…AAA is a favorite of mine. You’d think being paper crafters, you’d like the feel of paper in your hands. LOL!
    I’m so not into techie things…I’m a non-conformist in that department.

  7. In my world the Fax machine SHOULD be obsolete, but never will be….(medical records, prescriptions, etc, etc) I only wish!
    My small city of 70,000 has at LEAST 5 different phone books—FIVE!
    I love my answering machine and wouldn’t want to lose it….
    The floppy disks, they can go…..
    PS. I still have my old TV, not that I watch it much…..

  8. Wow, we Aussies must be really behind the rest of the world or maybe just me, we still have an answering machine, I love my phone book and use it often (also love that I can use the pages of the old ones for scrappin related stuff) and I’m quite sure I saw a foldable map in a store the other day :-) I was cleaning the kids computer desk the other day and came across a pile of floppy disks that were full of stuff and it only then hit me that I had no where to see what was on them,lol.Thank goodness the smoking thing is out here too though…

  9. hmmmm… we still use our roledex AND fax machine a ton at the store…..

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