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I am so not an animal person.  Fearful of cats as a child, I grew into an adult that felt most comfortable admiring the animal kingdom from the TV, or at the zoo, certain I'd never actually have "a pet".  I figured eventually, I might go for a fish tank–fish are soothing, relatively low maintenance . . . I did acquiesce to a hamster once. I mean, you don't have to do much more than feed 'em, and clean out the tank/cage, so there was minimal investment involved, right?

But, a dog?  Nope.  I have an aversion to animal hair, and besides that, puppies are a lot of work–house training (!), feeding, daily walks, poop scoopin', bathing, trips to the vet . . . and criminy, ya' can't leave town without trying to figure out what to do with the dog.  Ultimately who would all this new responsibility fall on?  Well, we all know the answer to that, don't we?! LOL!   So . . . "No."

Taylor would always plead, from the time he understood the concept of "pets".  The answer was always a firm, "No.", supported by a gazillion reasons why.

It was non-negotiable.  I was a rock that refused to yield.

Until this Christmas.

So.  What changed?

My son was born 7 years after his sister, and despite the gap, they've always been close.  Remarkably so, according to what others have told us.  And, we've always felt blessed by that. And then . . .  Hayley graduated.  She went off to school.  And, that was good, and as it should be.  And, it was an adjustment for our family.  Unlike his sister, however, who has always transitioned easily and, in some ways, embraced change, Taylor has always found it "challenging".  He doesn't like it, and often resists it.  And, when Hayley announced her engagement, we found ourselves adjusting once again–and none more than Taylor. 

He's happy for her, is looking forward to gaining a brother-in-law in Michael . . .

But, he misses his sister.  Which is good, and as it should be, because nothing makes me happier than knowing my children have a bond between each other.

Needless to say, tho, I think everyone's eyes bugged outta' their heads when I said, "I think I can do this."


Meeting the puppies . . .



Taylor:  "Mom, how am I supposed to choose just one?"

All three were like white on rice around him–smothering him with attention . . .


The Chosen One.

I asked why he decided on the smallest one . . .

He was worried that the runt of the litter would be the last chosen . . .

Somehow, I think he knew what day it was . . .

I'd like to introduce you to "Bear".  So named due to his resemblance to a polar bear. *chuckle*

Bear is a purebred American Eskimo, for those that were wondering!


And, once again, life as we know it, is gonna change . . .*grin*

Hope your Christmas was full of love and joy, too!


  1. My american eskimo turned 16 in March. She’s still going strong! Everyday with her is a gift. What a great experience you are going to have with your new companion. He wants to accompany you in life more than you will ever know.

  2. American Eskimo is a fantastic breed. Ours was with us 13 years. It took me ages to get over losing him. He was such a wonderful companion.
    FYI: Watch for skin irritation and allergies. Ours was allergic to FLEAS! and we had outdoor cats. Ugh! The bites would literally make his blood boil under the skin near the bites and drive him mad enough to tear the hair out around it. Once we figured out what it was, he was good as new, but one of the vets had mentioned that blood irritations was a common thing for purebred American Eskimos.
    Congrats on your new family member he’ll bring you a lot of joy and comfort.

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